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Mulch Diggums posted a comment on Sunday 17th May 2009 3:37pm for Written in the Stars

That is my favorite song from Aida, after How I Know You. Well done!

Catakatze posted a comment on Wednesday 27th December 2006 3:18am for Written in the Stars

You are about the cruelest person I've ever met. And the awesomest(if that's a word). Now to go look at your other stories, AGAIN. Read them on, but I'm too darned lazy to go there. Besides, I don't have to!

Danielle posted a comment on Sunday 10th December 2006 9:47am for Written in the Stars

Aww...I just read it along with the music for the first time... its so much sadder this way... aww.. poor Letha and Sirius...

Cherry posted a comment on Monday 1st May 2006 7:44am for Written in the Stars

Wow. I've never read a songfic before, because they don't allow them on That was really good. I read this to answer the trivia question about the dress. The title for this is really interesting, because I have a fic that I've been working on in various notebooks for over 6 months now. I don't plan on posting a single chapter until it's done, but ever since I first got the idea, the title has been Written In Stars. Even though I've never heard the song. Anyways, wonderfuly done.

Jamie46 posted a comment on Thursday 13th April 2006 9:09am for Written in the Stars

ohhh, so sad, so sweet, so touching... very, very nice :) i don't know this tune, but i still felt the power all the same :) kudos

PatronSaintOfEverythingWierd posted a comment on Sunday 26th February 2006 2:48pm for Written in the Stars

very sweet. Im in love with it. can't wait for the next chapter of DwD

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Friday 24th February 2006 1:42pm for Written in the Stars

Ooh, I love it! Poor Sirius!

Scott M posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2006 1:29pm for Written in the Stars

Definitely like it, :-) I'll have to find that song somewhere now. It's familiar, but I can't remember the entire tune.
P.S. I ususally read your stuff over at the Yahoo group, but this was looking a bit lonely for reviews, so what the hey.