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Worthy Queen of Greatness: Lyrics
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

By Anne B. Walsh

Author Notes:

Yes, this can indeed be sung to the tune of the song from Frozen. If anyone cares to record it and share the files, I certainly wouldn't mind, though that final verse is going to need to be speeded up a good bit...

Anna: (spoken) Elsa?

(sung) Do you want to build a snowman?

Come on, let’s go and play…

Elsa: Oh, Anna, please, I almost had it then!

How can I practice when

You’re always in the way?

Anna: I know we both have lessons,

But I’m done with mine,

And I want to play with you!

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn’t have to be a snowman…

Elsa: Yes, I do.

(spoken) Go get your snow things on, all right?

Elsa: All right, it’s time to build a snowman,

Freeze all the water I can find…

The trouble is, it’s very easy to

Make a mistake when you

Have so much on your mind!

(spoken) How do you do it, Mother?

Brigitta: I smile and remember

That when times are hard,

All we can do is try…

(spoken) And it’s time for you to try again.

Elsa: Anna, come with me, I’ll show you

A secret I have kept inside,

It’s why I sometimes don’t have much to say,

Why just the other day

I ran away to hide…

Did that hurt you?

Anna: Some.

Elsa: I’m sorry,

But you’ll understand

When I show my gift to you…

Anna: (spoken) Gift? Elsa, what gift?

Elsa: (spoken) Watch…

(sung) Do you want to build a snowman?

Anna: Yes, I do!

Author Notes:

Next up in the movie is "For the First Time in Forever", which I am renaming "We Will Always Have Each Other" and serving up as a duet for Elsa and Anna, since um, hello, Disney. You have  Idina Menzel as your Snow Queen. Why does she only get one and three-quarter songs?

And yes, all right, the one song was "Let It Go" which is absolutely spectacular (and the reason Elsa is not a villain -- I'm serious, look it up), but she should have had more to do. So, I'm imagining she does. You'll see what that's like as soon as I get there.