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Status: Completed on 15th Jun 08
Rating: Young Teens
Genre: Drama,Romance
Word count: 6,117
Reviews: 37
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | pdf | mobi | lit | txt

A Narnia one-shot which attempts to reconcile the movie Prince Caspian with the original books and addresses the Susan Question. What would you give up for love? Your family? Your reputation? Your life? Spoilers for the movie and all seven books. Familiarity definitely recommended.


Status: In progress on 30th Nov 15
Rating: Everyone
Genre: General
Word count: 10,250
Reviews: 22
Chapters: 5
Also available as: Epub

AU, diverges early. What if Elsa and Anna's parents had understood what the trolls really meant about Elsa's power?

Status: In progress on 24th Jul 14
Rating: Everyone
Genre: Songfic
Word count: 370
Reviews: 1
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | lit | mobi | pdf | txt

For anyone who might want to sing along to the songs from Frozen with the altered lyrics I've written for my fanfic, but is having trouble sorting out what goes where -- this one's for you!