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Hi, there, I’m Anne B. Walsh, otherwise known as whydoyouneedtoknow.  I’m a bemused American in her mid-twenties whose life has been taken over by my Harry Potter alternate universe, generally known as the Dangerverse after its title character.  Pairings are exclusively het and include Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, H/G, R/Hr, D/L, and N/OC. 

Warning: Spoilers!  Do not read farther if you want the first story to be unspoiled for you!

The first installment of the Dangerverse, “Living with Danger,” is a “Marauders raise Harry” story with a few twists. Namely, wives.  Sirius’ young lady is named Aletha Freeman, and Remus’ is Danger Granger - yes, that kind of Granger.  Her parents were killed by Death Eaters in August 1981, leaving her as guardian of a baby sister, twenty years younger than herself, called Neenie. Their parents were big on Shakespearean queens, so Danger’s real name is Gertrude. After stealing Harry and springing Sirius, they go into hiding, Remus and Danger using false names, renting half a house from Aletha, and pretending Harry and Hermione are their twins and Sirius is their big black dog. 

But the family (or the Pack, as they start to call themselves) isn’t done growing yet.  In 1983, Sirius and Aletha have a daughter and name her Meghan Lily, and in 1984, a little boy named Draco gets adopted by the Pack, under circumstances that make much more sense if you read the story.  By 1988, the entire crew has made friends with Ron and Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood, and on Platform 9 and 3/4 on 1 September, 1991, they befriend Neville Longbottom as well.  

As for them coming out of hiding/proving Sirius’ innocence/etc: Read the story!  I’m not going to spoil everything! 

The other four stories are twisted canon, based on the idea that the bad guys’ plans will have changed very little, but the good guys now have new ways to get around/over/through them.  They’re called “Living without Danger” (Hogwarts years 1 and 2), “Dealing with Danger” (years 3 and 4), "Facing Danger" (year 5 and summer before year 6), and "Surpassing Danger" (years 6 and 7, in progress now).  I also write lots of AUs of the Dangerverse, and one-shots which add detail. 

In other writing news, I now (mid-2013) have several originals published through Amazon and other e-book retailers. A Widow in Waiting is a historical fantasy with strong threads of mystery and romance, set in England and Ireland in the late 1780s. Homecoming is a family-focused twisted Cinderella tale set on my original world of Trycanta, which humans share with two races known as lyrror (cat-like quadrupeds) and mazor (semi-draconic winged bipeds). Cat Tales is a short story collection celebrating cats and other feline beings in sci-fi and fantasy, including tie-in stories to both my novelistic universes and the first quarter of my upcoming science fiction novel debut, Killdeer. Please check them out if you have time and a bit of money (reasonably priced, I promise)!

So happy reading, all, and thanks to Kokopelli and Jeconais for inviting me onto the site!