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KateHC posted a comment on Monday 1st February 2010 1:23pm for Accidentally In Love

Fluff set to music. Delightful.

Taina posted a comment on Saturday 31st January 2009 11:12am for Accidentally In Love

That was amazingly awesome! It was unconventional but then again everything concerning everyone is.

.tonimaree posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2008 1:01pm for Accidentally In Love



best wedding ever:):)

aejepp posted a comment on Sunday 2nd December 2007 10:40am for Accidentally In Love

Cute oneshot, and I love the song. Have you ever thought of doing a Dangerverse oneshot to "Teardrops on My Guitar" by Taylor Swift? It occurred to me while I listened to it that Ginny could sing it (obviously about Harry) after Neville teaches her how to play guitar. But, of course, it's your story, so your choice whether to write it or not. The idea was just appealing as a Dangerverse. ;) Keep writing!
~Abigail, aka aejepp

Roberta Johnson posted a comment on Saturday 14th April 2007 4:24pm for Accidentally In Love

Well, iTunes made some money off the wedding songfics. Lovely by themselves, amazing with the music playing!

PiperPaigePhoebe01 posted a comment on Monday 4th December 2006 12:28pm for Accidentally In Love

Merlin. I am very glad I wasn't drinking anything when I was reading this, but this was HILARIOUS! The last line---where Harry and Ginny went from full-out dancing to snogging in the time between that---made me laugh so hard, since you know there isn't much time left between that.

Seriously. When the music started to when it ended, I don't think I've laughed more in my entire life.

Thank you, though, because I just listened to For Good while listening to the songfic, and it was so sad, and this one was entirely opposite.

/me goes to read it again.

Krish posted a comment on Monday 27th November 2006 6:36am for Accidentally In Love

Aah... Read this again after a long time. With the song on, at the same time. Made me get goosebumps.

Oh I love it Anne... The happy ending.

Damn. Should we have guessed the Gryffindor Heir-thing by the flames around them? I feel stupid now.

Come on, come on... Jump a little higher!



Dani posted a comment on Monday 20th November 2006 8:06pm for Accidentally In Love

Oh I've always loved this one... this time i actually read it along with the song which made it that much better, i love how you kept the story inserts short so its actually possible to read in time with the song....

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 20th November 2006 9:49am for Accidentally In Love

Lovely ending. I don't know the song but this still made me smile. Good addition to the Dangerverse.

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 16th November 2006 5:54pm for Accidentally In Love

I really like it. Of course the "Pride" would like to make a spectacle of Harry and Ginny and what a great way to do it! It really helps that they can really dance well. I like the fact that all the kids learned to dance when they were really young. Dancing is such a great way to be close to someone you really care about. Thank you for writing. I would like to see this in the epilog of the Dangerverse! pms

Rach1 posted a comment on Thursday 16th November 2006 11:46am for Accidentally In Love

Aw, read this with the song playing in the background - I love the Pride being musical! A nice bit of happy fluff - I needed that, thankyou!
Beautifully written, as always

Amamama posted a comment on Thursday 16th November 2006 2:09am for Accidentally In Love

Yeah, I can guess Draco gulped when he got his brother's message. Harry and Ginny may be good sports, but I doubt they'll take this lying down. The good thing with getting married before your siblings is that you have the power to get back at them when it's their turn, and they get all the years of worry while you can have fun with the hints... I really would've loved to see their performance, though. Both the dancing and the rest of the Pride. Great one-shot!

Thanks for sharing!

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 16th November 2006 12:59am for Accidentally In Love

Bwahahaha! Hilarious... and I could pciture the whole thing in my head as I read. You *wrote* a music video that was nuch better than the actual one. (Though I did like the Schrek version. =)

darktail posted a comment on Wednesday 15th November 2006 6:32pm for Accidentally In Love

...Sorry for the double review, but now I don't really remember if Draco/Luna ARE really bonded... O__o
...Please forgive my lack of memory, but with school and such, is difficult to remember every installment of the Dangerverse, so if I was wrong, forgive me. See you around. ^__^

darktail posted a comment on Wednesday 15th November 2006 6:29pm for Accidentally In Love

...I had the song on my PC and, oh boy, it was a PERFECT reading! ^__^
...No other song could have been better.
...It seems somewhat right that Harry/Ginny married before Ron/Hermione, you know?
...Now, I wonder if Draco/Luna came before or after, seeing they are bonded since school. Well, all we can do is to just wait.
...Will you do a Neville/Meghan, too? Just wondering.
Keep up the good work, bye for now. ^__^

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Wednesday 15th November 2006 5:03pm for Accidentally In Love

*Laughs* I figured Harry & Ginny's wedding was coming. Thank you for making it every bit as fascinating as Ron & Hermione's.

Summerkins posted a comment on Wednesday 15th November 2006 4:33pm for Accidentally In Love

This had me giggling like mad through the whole thing...Aww it's amazing.