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bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Thursday 2nd May 2013 12:56am for Anne's Story

Pre-written, huh? That explains why we get the full version of Anne's story before the summarized version in SD. Makes a lot of sense, and helps explain a few things. I assume the heir in question has certain vulpine tendencies?

karm23 posted a comment on Wednesday 1st May 2013 3:38pm for Anne's Story

So many things explained in this story! I love it!

I had to stop and reread the paragraph that mentions the cornerstone of the castle. It was as if it were screaming to me "Stop! This will be important in the main story!" I wonder if it will be so?

How has Anne been able to spend all these years without being able to be with Alex, or did the same thing that happened to Alex when he decided to be a guardian happened to her?

Another thing, have we seen the artifacts that Amanda buitll yet? I can't seem to place them if we have... Well, I'll guess we'll know in due time.

Until next time!

Erika Shulkusky posted a comment on Wednesday 1st May 2013 12:11pm for Anne's Story

This was a beautiful story and did well to shed light on Amanda's story as well, both past and present. Interesting how the horcrux was used, but not for evil as was always associated with main story. I will look forward to the next chapter of SD! Thanks so much for creativity and for keeping us entertained with these stories.

carolebear posted a comment on Tuesday 30th April 2013 9:33pm for Anne's Story

I loved the style of Anne’s Story; it was very lyrical — you are quite the storyteller. I could hear it being told in my head, but I can’t quite place the accent. Hmm, so whatever happened to the great cornerstone? Something tells me that this might be of some importance, as we are only missing the official "good" heir of Slytherin. At least, I hope the Heir is good. You never commented on my post about it possibly being Luna, but I’m not sure if that is deliberate on your part. You know how easy it is to mislead me. I just reread DwD twice (I’m on my umpteenth reread of the whole DV), and I still can’t figure out how THAT gives any hints of how the final battle will go.

Now how did I never make the connection that Alex, the Slytherin, was always the one to deliver Danger’s prophecies? Until the last chapter of SD, I didn’t know that Prophecy WAS the Slytherin gift, although you left us lots of clues.

The last five paragraphs have me confused (I can’t ever remember reading one of your chapters and feeling like I had really understood everything that happened. I’m usually satisfied if I can get ONE really good concept down. Your universe is just so complete and well thought out that I don’t think my brain is big enough to comprehend it all). But anyway, to get back to my point, am I supposed to know how Amanda was "resurrected," or is that something that was just alluded to? Was Amanda’s interest in Draco due to his distant relationship with Daffyd’s brother; was she just using him?

And to go back quite a while, just what did Amanda do to Padfoot right after Marcus died? That still bothers me. (I might have actually figured it out at some point, but I haven’t gotten to FD yet in the reread. I thought I would ask since we are talking about Amanda.) Wait, Luna can’t be the Heir of Slytherin; you just said that Voldywort was the last living heir. So that must mean that there will be a new Heir created by Amanda’s artifacts? Which I am still not sure what they are.

See why I have such trouble? I start on one topic and get reminded about something else, and before you know it I am 2 books and several centuries away from where I started. I always confuse myself when I try to puzzle it out. How about you keep on writing this wonderful story, and I will keep trying (and failing, mostly) to figure it out. What I definitely WILL be doing is enjoying it, that’s for sure!

Elriaen posted a comment on Tuesday 30th April 2013 6:03pm for Anne's Story


Sorry, let me start again. Hi, I've been reading for about three years now. I found you while I was in the middle of studying for my GCSEs and now I'm in my first year of Uni (I was blowing off revision to read Dangerverse then, I am still now!), how time flies! Anyway, due to problems with emails etc, I haven't been able to access my account for ages. Just having the aforementioned fact confirmed made me that excited that I had to sort it all out!

I am in awe of your mind. How you have held all these threads together in your head for so long for years, only giving out little clues here and there while you must have been dying to tell everyone, its incredible!

Small aside, I also love your Narnia story! I have a few Narnia stories slowly developing in the back of my head and would you mind if I used your solution for what happened to Susan in those?

There is so much I just can't wait to see for the rest of Dangerverse. When I am done, I'm just going to start from the beginning and find all the hints to things you droppped from the beginning.

Oh and I'm sorry about this, but I just have to; I can't believe you killed 1) Hagrid 2)George and are going to 3)Draco. EVILLL!!!

Then again I have a theory about Draco, especially now he has the Dark Mark. There has to be a reason you've kept mentioning how much he looks like his father, I'm convinced its him as Lucius in the vision! Its probably far more complex than that, knowing you but hey, I look forward to finding out!

On this though, 'it lies instead on the sole living heir of its caster'. Um, what about Harry? He's part of that sole living heir so does that mean he is also cursed? But then I suppose when he eventually wins and Voldemort's accidental Horcrux is removed from him, that isn't effective any more? It'll be fun though, when Abby (if you chose to use the same name and gender as your AUs!) is born, especially if Remus is still an heir of Gryffindor through the blood bond with Harry when she is. I think I'm pretty safe in saying she is the descendant of Alex and Anne you are setting this up for so she'll be a full-powered heir of Slytherin and heir of Gryffindor at the same time, like Harry but naturally and with all the powers of the Slytherin house. She'll be hilarious with Neville and Meghan's children as the combined heirs of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff!

Okay, I'm going to stop now because I can go on for ages with theories and counter-theories on your stories! Plus I'm aware that my mind is jumping from topic to topic pretty erratically so I'm sorry!

From (as may be quite obvious) your great fan, Elriaen

callie posted a comment on Tuesday 30th April 2013 5:31pm for Anne's Story

Yay!!!! Loved it! Would like to know more about the first William though (the one who killed slytherin) and of course about emrys's journey but loved this tell cleared up a few things that's for sure!

Phil Boswell posted a comment on Tuesday 30th April 2013 4:14pm for Anne's Story

So how long, exactly, have you been sitting on all of this?

Wow…just, wow!