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Waywren Truesong posted a comment on Sunday 17th January 2010 4:15pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

.....oh, drat.
I was going to start from here to redo from start to catch up to the new chapter, but reading this just makes me want to do it ALL over again.

Oh, how I suffer. XD

piltad posted a comment on Tuesday 7th October 2008 6:10pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Really don't think this blood bond with Remus is a good idea hope you didn't go through with it... If you did do it I really don't think you thought it out all that well...

CodeRomance posted a comment on Saturday 2nd February 2008 1:35am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

ok was that last bit a dream or real...and darn i was hoping that bond thing could be with Ginny...blast it! oh would have been cool but poohy! well it's still interesting so hmm...and i wonder about Sirius and that chick he was talking to...and who is the betrayer...Draco? that's what i'm afraid of...but I do wonder if there might some reason for it and not like Luna thinks at all...? well still very excellent!


Robert1 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th August 2006 5:20am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

I really don't like the idea of Harry voluntarily accepting Lupus, just to keep Voldemort out of his head. I mean, he can either work harder on Occlumency, or he can contract a lifelong, debilitating, potentially fatal illness, just so he can spend the summer with his family? I can just see him defeating Voldemort, and then dying of renal failure at 20. I have two friends who have lupus, one with systemic lupus and one with discoid lupus. The one with systemic lupus was told at age 23 that she might not make it to 35 and that attempting to have a child was tantamount to suicide. Bottom line, I think it's a short term solution with a long term complications. Aside from this, I'm loving your fics, keep up the good work.

Sophophobia posted a comment on Sunday 27th August 2006 10:07am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Please please please update! Loving the dangerverse... :-)


Matthew4 posted a comment on Saturday 26th August 2006 9:35am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Ah, so many good things to say in so little space. Let me suffice with saying that is one of my three favorite alternate Potterverses. The others being NoFP by Viridian and "Meaning of One" over at SIYE. You are both freakishly creative in doing this and also partially loopy at the same time.

Of course, both of those are necessary in no small quantity to do such a wonderful reimagining of an entire series. Keep it going. I love seeing how you reference the published books, especially with the way Dangerverse Harry reflects on how he would probably be acting if he'd been raised until age 10 by the Dursleys. Beatiful nod to Rowling's Harry.

Yes, I do differentiate between them. Your Harry's infinitely funnier, by the way. Simply by virtue of growing up in a fun-filled household. I wish you much luck in your continued imaginings and also in your "busy little graduate student-ness." Keep writing!

Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 6:04pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Guess what? I'm all caught up. I read all through second year up to this point in about...oh, 4 days. I'm wicked proud to be re-immearsed in the Dangerverse. Loved it all by the way. Can't wait to see what you do next. Cheers.


Anne B. Walsh replied:

I hope you enjoyed it!   Lord, I don't even do that!   (Of course, that's because the entire freaking story lives inside my head...)

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 1:49pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

No hope of that.May it live up to the legend of it's prequels would be a more likely toast, since its prequels are incredible, and deserve to have a legend among FanFictions forever. Damnit, you just made me go on a rant.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

And yet I still plan to try...

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 7:07am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

I'm most definitely glad your back!! Yay for the Dangerverse! Yay for Facing Danger
Despite your worries about too much re-capping for those who have read the prequels I think you found a good balance.

I loved Harry's thought about needing therapy.

And what is with Petunia saying Harry isn't a burden, that was unexpected! I wonder where you taking that.

I'm guessing that the reason Luna was so upset with Draco is because he is the one she saw switching sides?

I didn't think her power was complete prophecy, more just that she "sees" things. Very perceptive to certain things.

The concept of the blook bond is good if it saves Harry from Occlumency training with Snape. I can't wait for more this is going to be such a good story! Are you going to have Umbridge, so many questions, I'll just have to wait and find out!


Anne B. Walsh replied:

More about Petunia later.   Also, Luna's power is stronger than it was, due to being blocked up for over a year.   It will diminish in time.   More about this later as well.   As for Umbridge, she'll be there... she'll just wish she wasn't.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 6:25am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Being better than its prequels would be difficult but you've made an excellent beginning. I love poor Luna's vision - obviously concerning Draco - and the way you have Harry with the Dursleys but because he's had the Pack a totally different to canon response to the situation. Wonderful first chapter. I can't wait for more. Good way of getting rid of the occlumency problem too.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Everyone keeps saying how it can't possibly be better than the prequels, but I'm still determined to try!  

skyfire1982 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 12:55am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

So glad to see the next chapter up.

That said, I'm really torn on this Remus blood bond thing. Good for Harry, to give him a stronger link to the parents (to match the daughter, adopted daughter, and cousin, whereas Harry was the only one not related in someway). However, I'm not sure about this lupus thing. (Looked on wiki and found a ton of search terms that match lupus - am I completely confused?) A close friend in high school and my old piano teacher both had it, and they were both really miserable whenever it flared up, where as Remus makes it sound a bit easier: "Take some meds, you'll be fine, good cub." How's Harry going to deal at Hogwarts if his lupus kicks up? I had numerous piano lessons canceled because my piano teacher was sick. I will frankly admit however, that I know little about the disease itself and any new modern day advances with it (or magical medicines for it?) and just going off my knowledge of seeing people I know with it.

Is Sirius not an option? Although I suppose he might be busy off wooing the purebloods, but can't he spare a day or two off to to the bonding?

I'll be eagerly awaiting the rest of your story. If Harry goes go ahead with the blood bond - well, at least it's better than having Voldemort invade his mind.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Remus is semi-consciously spinning the facts - he really wants Harry to do this, for a variety of reasons ranging from the altruistic to the selfish.   More about the risks, the benefits, and why Sirius isn't a good choice in a later chapter.  

Jarrod posted a comment on Monday 21st August 2006 2:36am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Huzzah for good starts!

Athena Princess of Darkness posted a comment on Monday 21st August 2006 1:53am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

I think if Facing Danger is even better than its prequels then I may die from joy. :P

Poor Sirius, stuck with all the bloodthirsty purebloods. Though it appears the young women might want something other than his blood... ;)

Does Luna see Draco betraying them? Maybe she only sees Draco spying for them. Y'know, cause he's pureblooded and all. And Lucius seemed pretty comvinced that Draco would side with him back in Year Three. (At least I think he did, it's been a while since I've read it.)

That's it, Harry! Burn everything! BURN IT ALL! AHAHAHAHAHA!


Er, what I meant to say was, good show, Harry old chap. LET MOLDY SHORTS BURN IN THE FIRES OF HE -

Oh, wait, I'm an atheist. Well, let him burn in the fires of your mind, andyway. Fire solves everything. (Trust me, I have experience.)

The Pride in therapy. I pity any therapist who has to deal with that.

Heh. That's how I greet my friends when they come over. "We don't want any." Either that or "Entrance fee is an arm and a leg. Literally. We're low on meat." :P

A cutthroat romance novel. The most disturbing thing about that is that it doesn't disturb me.

A blood bond with Moony? Hmmm...Voldemort in your head, or being adopted by the man you think of a a father. Gee, I dunno...

"Don't be so sarcastic, you'll stick like that."

People ssay that to me all the time. Except they say, "Don't cross your eyes, they'll stick like that." I never listen, though. *crosses eyes*

Yes, I missed you terribly. I was suffering from Anne withdrawal before you posted this. You have saved my life and gained my eternal gratitude.

Ah, the busy, overworked lives of students...We don't get paid enough to do this. :P Well, I hope you don't get worked to death, and that you have a chance to update very, very soon.


Anne B. Walsh replied:

Ooh, what a nice idea about Draco.   You just go on believing that, dear.   Glad you like Harry burning his memory.   May I take it that you're in favor of Harry and Remus blood-bonding, then?   Anne withdrawal, indeed.   I hope this satisfies your cravings for a little while.  

Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 11:56pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Very good chapter.

I truely hope Draco isn't the betrayer.

I love this universe that you've created, though I'm still at a loss as to how Harry could possibly be any safer at the Dursleys. Nothing was ever proven in the books that Dumbledore wasn't just plain wrong about Privet Drive.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Everyone keeps saying that about Draco... Voldemort can't possess Harry, or deliberately invade his mind, at Privet Drive.   I'm working from the theory that Dumbledore was right; hate me if you must.   There is a caveat, though, and it will become important in about a year.   Cheers!

tocom81 posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 7:47pm for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

Anne, I gotta say, since I started reading your stories, I just can't get away from them and now I will finally start giving reviews which is a first for me.
I just can't keep quiet about this new story. It is absolutely great how you manage to get up the tension in only one chapter. Up to now it was always some prophecy that made me think about what could or would happen. But now everything that happened just lets my mind go round and round and round and... you get what I am saying. And my mind should really think about pther things like work or life, but well, I just love Dangerverse.
The only thing I am missing a little bit since the end of Remus'lawsuit om DwD is interaction between the pack parents. But I'm sure we will get to see some of that soon (especially if Remus bonds with Harry). About all the other things I wish to know (like who will die/change sides/have a baby) I will just force my fingers not to type them because I know you will not answer them. Which is, of course, the right thing to do, although it is driving me pretty crazy.
Now I am waiting more or less patiently for the next update of whichever story of Dangerverse , I love them all. Ah, no, I really want chapter to of FD, I just need some answers.... Best regards!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I must say, all this devotion certainly bodes well for if I ever manage to write original fiction...

Yes, I should think about other things too, but my story eats my life.   Which is not good when I have so much else going on.   Ah well, I'll manage.   More interaction between Pack-parents - check!  

takon65 posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 9:20am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

*Mumbles pleasant curses underbreath*

Excellent chapter as always. From what I can remember, Luna traded a jewel to stop being a seer. Now I have to reread the chapters since the inception of the Pride to find when they began again...that is why the curses are plesant;)

May you update soon,


Anne B. Walsh replied:

Maybe I can save you some time - Luna traded another jewel to become a seer again at the third task, in order to find Harry faster, and ended up distracting Voldemort long enough that Harry could Stun him and get away.   However, I wouldn't want to discourage you from rereading... ;-)   And I will do my best to update soon.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 8:54am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

*chuckles* Having been a grad student while working full time, I've got a fair idea of what you're in for and how inaccurate scheduling predictions get.

Anyway, 'tis a most interesting start to this story. I have to admit a streak of sympathy for Sirius, that doesn't sound like the kind of company I'd care to keep, either, though, if she's legit, Corona could be a very useful person to know. It appears that their round of problems has at least tempered Petunia a bit, Vernon seems somewhat less affected. Still, it should be interesting to see how things develop.

Oh, and a prank on Moldieshorts done so that one of his gets the blame would be most excellent.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yes, Sirius does feel rather sorry for himself, but he'll make it through.   Petunia's been pleasantly surprised by Harry - remember, she had no idea who took him, or why, so she didn't know what to expect.   And Harry won't be forgetting his pranking idea, though it may take some time to set up.  

Sherylyn posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 7:27am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

*Wonderful* beginning! And I loved the bit with Sirius involved in the line for LotR -- esp. since I always wanted Viggo as Sirius, but that's another issue ;-) Anyway... thanks, and best of luck with school!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Viggo as Sirius... hmm... :mops up drool:   I hope you like the rest of it this well!

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 6:42am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

You? Panic? Geez, I must be doing something right. :attempts to cackle evilly and coughs instead:

You're just mad at me for doing three cliffhangers in a row.

If it helps, I am now mad at myself for doing three cliffhangers in a row, because I think I used up all my dramatic ability doing them.

I'll figure out something to make it interesting again, but it may take a while. And I'm off to college Thursday, so the quick-update thing is basically done...

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Sunday 20th August 2006 6:14am for Chapter 1: The End of the Beginning (Year 5)

I kinda preferred the X's as scene dividers to the little line graphics...

I'll run with the assumption that Luna's seeing things that won't happen but could alongside the things that will happen but shouldn't, which ought to stave off the panic attack.

I suspect Macnair's two companions are Malfoy and Greyback - wait, Malfoy's still locked up, isn't he? Greyback definitely, though. And Voldemort's talking about the Pack and Pride, and maybe parents of those who are Pride-not-Pack. No way that can mean anyone else.

Have I mentioned lately that you're an evil woman?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I'll bear that in mind (the X's over the lines).   You?   Panic?   Geez, I must be doing something right.   :attempts to cackle evilly and coughs instead: