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sfjoellen posted a comment on Wednesday 25th March 2015 3:31am for Friends New and Old

you really are one of the very best. misanthropic and ruskbyte and old crow.. bobmin.. very well done!

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 21st March 2015 1:45pm for Friends New and Old

This is great. I love the fact that Draco and Harry have both had the dreams. The fact that Tonks has been keeping in touch with her cousin is wonderful. The family is forming up. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p

jua-chan posted a comment on Friday 20th March 2015 5:42pm for Friends New and Old

Yes I am also enjoying. Very much in fact.

This story looks like it is just getting warmed up and I can' trait to see who Harry meets next. I assume it will be Hermione and I think that meeting will be very interesting.

I am also anticipating McGonagall's plan for the Dursleys. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

LyssaTerald posted a comment on Friday 20th March 2015 3:51am for Friends New and Old

I finished reading the entire Dangerverse again and then fell straight into love with this thing just like I did with "Be Careful" all those years ago.

Quizer posted a comment on Thursday 19th March 2015 8:03pm for Friends New and Old

This is great stuff, and I'm really enjoying this story. Wasn't sure where all this dream stuff was going at first (it reminded me of Maribel Hearn from Touhou Project, whose dream alter ego is a powerful magical being living in the hidden magical realm of Gensokyo, but she isn't aware of the connection). I thought it might be just Harry, then I thought it would only be the protagonist kids and their Dangerverse parents, but now it seems like it extends to everyone - even people who might not notice because the differences haven't impacted their lives. This is a clever and very novel idea - not bad at all. (Why do dreams feature so strongly in so many of your works, anyway?)

I have a feeling we've only scratched the surface as far as the connection between the dreaming and waking worlds goes. Looking forward to see where this goes from here.

Keep up the good work!