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Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 31st August 2011 2:28am for The Rite of Sealing

This is great. Neenie has Fox back and they are both sealed to the Outer Time. I'm so glad she has him with her now. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

Anne B. Walsh replied:

More is on its way, as soon as tonight or tomorrow!

cliviussum posted a comment on Tuesday 30th August 2011 5:23am for The Rite of Sealing

Another rather confusing but nevertheless informative chapter; I had more or less gathered the facts behind the situation in Chapter 2, but given that chapter 3 was available decided not to offer the next review until I read that (insecurity?:-))
Thank you again; I await the explanations promised in chapter 4 to alleviate my grey-haired perceptions of inadequacy:-).
Tibi etc, Clivius

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I hope to cut down on the confusion starting next chapter.

callie posted a comment on Tuesday 30th August 2011 1:41am for The Rite of Sealing

very good chapter and the last one was too if i didn't review...
this was just what i needed my sister will be closer to you than me by the end of the week and i had to say goodbye today... she's going on exchange to canada which is amazing but it also means i wont see her for 5 months... so thankyou very much for this update

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Aww, sorry to hear. More updates soon to keep your mood up!

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Monday 29th August 2011 8:58pm for The Rite of Sealing

Explanations. Explanations are good.


Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yikes! *claps hands over ears* No need to yell!

worldwarrior posted a comment on Monday 29th August 2011 8:31pm for The Rite of Sealing

whoop go neenie go fox!!!!!!!!!! thanks for updating so soon.
i wonder if the pride got caught too.... i hope they find everyone they better bc if anyone is dead ill be very put out. jk you write it the way you want to or the book sometimes the book takes over i know how that is.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yes, it does love to take its own twists and turns. Now to decide which ones I'll allow and which I have to be firm with...

Dangams posted a comment on Monday 29th August 2011 7:44pm for The Rite of Sealing

A good chapter. :) Yay for finding Fox. Time for the Legendbreakers to start kicking arse soon?

Write more soon! :)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

To both your question and your desire: Yes, very soon!