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Strophe posted a comment on Friday 28th February 2014 12:44am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Oh, poor Draco = (

Other than that sadness, though, you have many great things going in this chapter. The plot is picking up, which is always fun (although most of my favorite moments come from time-fill chapters). You invent a new kind of magic, which I always love to see - it adds depth to the story. We get to see Hagrid! Always lovely. And Dumbledore is let into the fold completely now. Seeing Lucius fail is wonderful, too. I would enjoy seeing a scene where he tries to explain what happened to some prissy Ministry official (one Dolores, perhaps?). And their lives are so real - Hermione and Harry fighting, the adults' parenting styles. Remus especially strikes a wonderful balance in this chapter of firm when he needs to be (forcing the cubs to apologize and hug it out, and making a quick, solid decision about Hagrid) and light other times (setting the cubs to be snakes on Sirius, instead of, say, yelling at them). My favorite line is that "the hug resembled Greco-Roman wrestling more than anything else, but it would do."

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Sunday 23rd May 2010 6:36am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Well Sirius has money, and they have no concrete plans to get rid of all the remaining death eaters and get Sirius declared innocent, so I think it is time to relocate to another country. Failing that, it would seem best for Lucius Malfoy to disappear mysteriously and permanently, although that alone, is likely not enough.

PrayingForMercy posted a comment on Sunday 2nd November 2008 9:33pm for Chapter 17: Discovered

Draco needs a happy ending, badly. No wonder he's so fucked up in canon.

Rob-girl posted a comment on Monday 28th July 2008 6:06am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Oh Dear. Malfoy is going to ruin everything, although I hope he doesn't! Fantastic chapter!

CodeRomance posted a comment on Thursday 17th January 2008 6:12am for Chapter 17: Discovered

great chapter! really brilliant! and that stupid malfoy! arggg! and what about Draco i do wonder about that! argggg


Wistful-Stargazer posted a comment on Tuesday 20th November 2007 10:29am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Poor little Draco, even his mother doesn't know how to show him love. :-(

csktech posted a comment on Thursday 8th February 2007 12:03pm for Chapter 17: Discovered

Ok I'm back and I just have to say this is getting good. I'm making coffee, hoping that I can get through the first two books tonight. Thanks for the great read.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd August 2006 9:48am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Good chapter.


Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Saturday 29th July 2006 7:44pm for Chapter 17: Discovered

I think I know who the 4th child will be. Excellent chapter.

Chris1 posted a comment on Sunday 26th March 2006 3:43am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Very emotional ending. Very, very well-written.

Keep them up ^_^ :D

karina82 posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2006 12:58pm for Chapter 17: Discovered

wow, i like the lyrics in these chapters. they help me get a better picture in my head (crazy i know). i'm having fun rereading all these chapters.

until next review
a.k.a. karina122082 (on yahoo group)
and darkcelestial20 ( and i think fiction ally)

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 14th February 2006 10:47am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Oh, crap! The story is getting unravelled, and once again, Lucius Malfoy is the monkeywrench in the works.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Saturday 11th February 2006 6:02am for Chapter 17: Discovered

Ch.17 - - I like the way you use songs and poems to get the message across. Most of them have to be yours, I guess.