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CodeRomance posted a comment on Thursday 17th January 2008 2:59pm for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

what is R, R, O, C, A, and Y?


Wistful-Stargazer posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2007 12:01pm for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

17 September

Dear friends,

Severus had the most remarkable thing to show me today — a plaque enchanted so that
every time he destroys it, it reconstitutes itself and reappears on his desk. It was sent to him anonymously. I would hate to have to hire another Potions teacher simply because my current one went insane, so any help you can provide would be welcome.


Albus Dumbledore


18 September

Dear Professor,

We’re shocked and hurt that you think we could possibly have had anything to do with such a terrible prank being pulled on
Professor Snape, for whom we have the greatest regard.



P.S. To make spells take on the plaque, preface whatever spell you use with the phrase
"Molesti sunt dei." We recommend you perform it, since having to say this might preclude Professor Snape’s insanity by causing him to have a heart attack.


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 3rd August 2006 1:45pm for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

Good one.


n4zhg posted a comment on Tuesday 18th July 2006 11:25am for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

Translation for Molesti sunt dei please?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Roughly, "The Marauders are gods."  

Amamama posted a comment on Tuesday 4th April 2006 6:36am for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

Hmmm, Snape's collecting a bit too many clues. I sure wish he wasn't as observant, but then he never would've made a good spy, I guess.

The budding romance between Charlie and Tonks is incredibly sweet. look forward to see what happens next.


Chris1 posted a comment on Monday 27th March 2006 3:13am for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

Weird chapter. I hate Snape :D I hope he sticks to canon, because I can't see him good. Not in this story. :)

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 12th February 2006 1:44am for Chapter 27: Bits and Pieces

Ch.27 - - The reconstituting plaque for Severus was brilliant, and Dumbledore's note to the Marauders was classic Dumbledore. The return note of denial and instructions on solving the problem were just as extra-canon classic.

Somehow I feel Snape is going to regret his efforts at unravelling the mystery he sees before him.

This was a really clever bit of writing:
"Thank you. You may kiss me now.
And I was wondering just the other day where Neenie gets her imperious ways."