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CodeRomance posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2008 4:46am for Chapter 30: Confrontations

hehehehehehehehehe!! now you really got whats coming to you snape! hehehehehe!!! and Sirius's mother is just as i remember!


Wistful-Stargazer posted a comment on Wednesday 21st November 2007 3:23pm for Chapter 30: Confrontations

Sheesh, too funny, taunting a portrait.
*SNICKER* Poor Severus' family jewels (like he uses them, ::cough::, *SNICKER*).

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 3rd August 2006 3:22pm for Chapter 30: Confrontations

Good one.


Rocky235 posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 4:02am for Chapter 30: Confrontations

You actually made me laugh at Snape. Good job.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 12th February 2006 3:06am for Chapter 30: Confrontations

Ch.30 - - Hugs and kisses to Neenie on her Snape attack.

Great fun with Mother Black - the old hag.

This was very clever:
"We should have known they’d listen in on us," Aletha said in amusement. "They are Marauders, after all."
"But they’re also cubs," Danger said. "Look. No toothbrushes."