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GODS14 posted a comment on Thursday 5th January 2017 9:46pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Is Sirius escape based off of the escape from Alcatraz?

Not the book or movie but the real thing. What we know of it anyway.

Strophe posted a comment on Friday 14th February 2014 3:29am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Finally, we get a bit from Sirius' perspective. Your Sirus is so wonderfully real. I've read fics where he is too noble and heroic, like people think that is where Harry gets it all from. The sort of Sirius-the-dashing-Auror type. There are others where he is just completely reckless and irresponsible - every father's nightmare of a boyfriend, inspired by the motorcycle. But I love the way you write him. I love how matter of fact he is - and he obviously doesn't stay that way, but it speaks to trauma so brilliantly. There are too many things going on in his life right now, or recently, and everything has to be very, extremely, painstakingly simple or his brain will unravel itself. You do get a quick mention of reckless Marauders in, though - that amount of drinking as a high school senior is a little shocking to me.

I loved them all comforting Harry, loved the gag on cursing the Dursleys to everlasting darkness. I squeed when the idea for denning was born - how could I not?

As a random note - I'm not a fan of the way the second half of the chapter is structured. (This is probably completely irrelevant criticism because none of your stuff has done that for years and years.) I like the idea of them all connected, but the constant breaks are really distracting to me. That could just be me, though.

I really do love how they are all connected - and the line about Hermione and logic is just absolutely classic!

The Imaginatrix posted a comment on Saturday 8th February 2014 11:45am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

I love how you kept having Sirius think something will never happen or the like and then cut to Letha or Harry or one of the others doing precisely what he thought they wouldn't be, like waiting for him and caring about him. And I don't know for sure, since this doesn't have audio accompaniment, but I think I know which Bach piano piece Letha was playing. Of course, I don't know many of Bach's compositions for the piano, so I could be totally wrong, but Letha did say anyone learning the piano learned it and I thought of the one piece that came to mind with both of those attributes.

And yay, they made it! I knew they would, but I'm still glad, especially because Danger helped them. Yay for Danger! I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing wandless magic in their sleep. :D

Next chapter because this story's just too awesome. :D

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Monday 6th August 2012 4:17am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

"Because today is the day in between the two most illegal nights of my life."

Oh sweetheart , you have no idea ...

darksidhe posted a comment on Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:07am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Oh WOW!!! That was... Magical is the only word I can think of. Very intense. altogether awesome!

bookworm914 posted a comment on Saturday 16th May 2009 4:30pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Normally I'm not much for poetry. But Aletha's song (lullaby? - i have a hard time thinking of it in a faster tempo than that, anyway) is positively the sweetest, most wonderful little rhyme, superlative in all good qualities.
From a previous chapter, the one in which Danger first tames Remus, and this is really the first and so far only thing that I've felt was a departure from character ie an unrealistic reaction to a situation, my feeling is that he should have taken longer to be comfortable with bringing Hermione into a room with a werewolf. I see it as a problem of omission. He has, obviously, a serious complex about his lycanthropy. Admittedly, not only would this make him careful about exposing people to the wolf but also eager to belief the best of the cure that seemed to be working. So I don't think it's necessarily unreasonable that he would have agreed to Hermione being brought into the house that night. But he is accustomed to thinking of his werewolf form as vicious and dangerous, so he would have needed to consciously consider the potential danger of the "taming" failing, and then decide it was safe for Hermione to be inside because Danger would be there all night touching him to restore the magic, or some such.
This story is awesome. Things that I particularly liked here were
- Danger asking if there was anything Aletha wanted broken: nothing about the way you said it in particular, but the character trait of calmly announcing rage and then expressing it is a really cool trait, and totally fitting both with the sort of person you're making Danger out to be, and with your style of omniscient narration.
- the "animal language": a lot of authors give lip service to the idea that animals communicate differently than people do, but then let the substance of those communications be exactly what it would be if the characters were human. Your method seems very reasonable, and you execute it well. At the same time though, I would have enjoyed seeing clear indications of what the physical signals are for all of these concepts, not just the first and last.
- the "all sleeping with each other to comfort Harry" idea is awesome. The out-of-the-box sort of thing that most people would never think of, and it's wonderful because it is the perfect solution to the problem they were confronting.
- the sentence "Because today is the day in between the two most illegal nights of my life." Effective to start the sentence with 'b/c', and the precision ('day b/w the 2 nights') of the description. Very well-put-together sentence.

PrayingForMercy posted a comment on Sunday 2nd November 2008 2:48pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Yay, Sirius is saved! This is one of my favourite parts (so far, haha).

CodeRomance posted a comment on Wednesday 16th January 2008 4:49pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...



Wistful-Stargazer posted a comment on Monday 19th November 2007 5:58pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Cool, I love the touch of 1) Aletha suddenly playing a piece of music that Sirius could hear and helped him to ignore the pain in his muscles thus being able to endure the swim to shore, and 2) Danger registering Remus' panic/fear (that he would transform back into his human form before making it to shore), in her sleep, and so, "...One hand rose and made a pulling motion. ...Remus felt the water rush past him as a strange force pulled him forward.

His front paw touched bottom."

Both of our heros were saved by their "Lady Loves'" magic, even if it was done unknowingly, that just goes to show that their love is deeper, more strong and magical than originally anticipated.


taxzombie posted a comment on Monday 14th May 2007 8:43am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

While the chapter starts out rather grim, it ends with a most positive feeling. Nicely Done

Jim Starluck posted a comment on Thursday 22nd February 2007 6:38pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Neenie slept on, unable, at this time in her life, to articulate the sentiment, "Most wizards haven’t got an ounce of logic."

A sentiment that ought to show up in every fanfic at some point, if you ask me.

Also, doggie paddle for the win. =P

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd August 2006 4:31am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Outstanding. Very good story.


Chris1 posted a comment on Sunday 26th March 2006 1:56am for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Weird. I love the way the bonds act between the couples. :)

Off to read the next chapter.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Friday 10th February 2006 3:13pm for Chapter 8: If It Be Thus to Dream...

Ch.8 - - The connectedness you've created for the four is delightful.

Danger raising her hand while asleep and drawing them in was a wonderful bit.

What a terrific fic.