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bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Tuesday 26th March 2013 3:11pm for Return for Repairs

Yes, I like. Kind of a little plotless bunny, but nice enough as a snapshot of an alternate (and better) world.

Chindabe posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 10:15am for Return for Repairs


Bu really. Very well written. ;D

And I'm going to be annoying and say:


Anne B. Walsh replied:

I want to. I promise I will. I just don't know precisely when... and may I say your first bit made me giggle exceptionally hard?

Jimbocous posted a comment on Sunday 2nd August 2009 11:09am for Return for Repairs

Definitely some interesting potential in the Returverse. Hope we'll see more at some point.

millie johanson posted a comment on Thursday 30th July 2009 5:15am for Return for Repairs

I love these stories. You are such a good story teller The Best.
Good luck with all you do so you have time to write and take me along for the ride.............

I hope some of Danny's friends are the Weasleys?
I am such a H&G Bonded story fan I love it when all of the kids get along most of the time I love the twins helping Magic Trunks where they can control time Or go back in time. If you go back don't bother if you arent going to change things.

tangentsferret posted a comment on Thursday 30th July 2009 12:32am for Return for Repairs

I'm loving this 'verse. It'll be fun to get more backstory on this one (Why is his name Russell? If Peter wasn't a Marauder, how did James and Lily get killed?) when you can devote more attention to it. (Look, this is me very tactfully not begging on behalf of the Dangerverse. See me not so much as mentioning it? Aren't I nice and considerate and understanding?)(Grin)

Ladyofthelight posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 3:05pm for Return for Repairs

Very good! I really like returnverse, but I'm very eager to see more of Dangerverse as well. Great job, I really liked how Harry was able to get comfortable with Narcissa and Russell.

cldiva posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 11:41am for Return for Repairs

I Love it, I cant wait to see what happens next.

Lesa posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 11:39am for Return for Repairs

Utterly adorable, and I love how the way you started out made one think it was the Dursleys, until the name Danny came up...or maybe that was just me.

BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 8:28am for Return for Repairs

That was cool!
I hope you'll continue this story as well as some... others :)

See you around!

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 7:58am for Return for Repairs

Darn, Andi. You made me hungry for more.
After you finished BC this could be a nice 'in between' story while working on FD?

This started out with a misdirection, letting us think that he was still at the Dursleys. :D

You love to do that, don't you.

Until next time, take care. C

Ossindie posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 6:15am for Return for Repairs

My first thought was "Damn, but that's short!" And then I wanted to wail and scream and make puppy dog eyes like Dudley when he wants a new toy. But then I calmed down. (Mostly because I still remember my mother's disciplinary methods quite vividly - and I really don't fancy getting a plate of soup dumped on my head ever again; it only happened once but it left a fairly strong impression on me...)

Anyway, this was sweet. Yes, it was short (Get over it, Oss!), but it was sweet. I especially loved the first part - I admit to being a bit confused and scared for little Harry. And I'd really love to see more of this universe in the future. But, I'll just have to settle with rereading the original Dangerverse (for the third time! - that's how much I love your fiction).

LynnTerald posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 5:54am for Return for Repairs

That was...That was cute. Hopefully there will be more to come.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Wednesday 29th July 2009 5:17am for Return for Repairs

I do believe that you have a real winner here. The real problem with reviewing here is that all the writing is so good that I cannot find anything bad to say. It is all just so very good. Carol Layland