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kittymitten posted a comment on Thursday 23rd September 2010 4:48pm for Chapter 14: Portal

ilove this story plz up data because it would be so awsome i love the STORY plz MAKE ANOTHER PART TO THE STORY:(

kittymitten posted a comment on Monday 20th September 2010 8:32pm for Chapter 14: Portal

love this story

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 21st July 2008 11:02pm for Chapter 14: Portal

Loved "That's no general, that's my sister!" Brilliant final chapter, though the idea of them being divided is rather sad. Good end to the story though.

callie posted a comment on Monday 21st July 2008 12:46am for Chapter 14: Portal

soooooo thats it???

awwww i thought you were going to somehow makelu a alive again :(

kb0 posted a comment on Sunday 20th July 2008 6:45am for Chapter 14: Portal

A fun ending to a "strange little story". :-) So are you going to finishing "Facing Danger" now? I'd put a vote in for that, if it matter. :-) Thanks for sharing this story.

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Saturday 19th July 2008 3:36pm for Chapter 14: Portal

Yay!!!!!! They got rid of the villians in both worlds! I've enjoyed this story very much, and I'm glad that there's still the epilogue and a possible sequel to anticipate! Hmmmm....I wonder how the ex-Darth Malius will deal with being a Force ghost? Will a certain pair of Jedi Masters lecture him; one with words, and the other with a gimmer stick? Now that would be something to see! Many thanks for writing this! :)