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Ruby posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 9:17am for Chapter 8: Doubt

That's really really good!! Pleasepleaseplease hurry up and finish it!!

Zvoni posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 3:46am for Chapter 8: Doubt

Nice Story!

But i was expecting Dobby as Yoda......

He already talks like Yoda... LOL

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 3:51pm for Chapter 8: Doubt

I love the combination you've done between the Star Wars and the Dangerverse! The links and echoes of both places are excellent! I wonder if Malius/Malfoy will save his son in the end and thereby redeem his soul as Nacissa did? Or will he remain evil in both worlds? Either way, you've done a marvellous job with your various stories! As always, I look forward to the next chapters!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 29th April 2007 11:36pm for Chapter 8: Doubt

Hooray for Wookies and Ewoks being related. Lovely update. I like all the subtle little twists on the original movie. Ron must be having as good a time as we readers! Great chapter, more please.

KenF posted a comment on Saturday 28th April 2007 9:30pm for Chapter 8: Doubt

I like the way you've started to weave Draco's conflict with his father in with the the Star Wars version. Adds a bit of substance to a silly tale.

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Saturday 28th April 2007 4:32pm for Chapter 8: Doubt

.... You are a master with plot twists, Anne.