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MercuryBlue posted a comment on Wednesday 6th July 2011 6:54pm

Aw dammit, I forgot this story leaves off on a sad note.

What's Pearl up to this chapter, anyway?

silvergoddess posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd September 2009 3:48pm

Wah!!!! Just as it was getting to the good part! On a serious note I loved seeing your characters in a setting that has a stupid king, bad people, and no magic. And you always do such an amazing job with the plot twists.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Sorry. It's not forgotten, honest it's not, but it just keeps getting put off...

Lesa posted a comment on Monday 16th March 2009 11:56am

I know I've probably said this already, but more, please? I love this one so very much!

AnnaTigg posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 2:35am

Thought I would leave a longer review, as I have just re-read this (again)...And now we find the Longbottoms - or Portops I suppose. I'm sure the Pride have come up with a lovely cunning plan to free them. I like the idea of cruciatus-caused madness being slavery in this version of the Dangerverse. I think I have all the characters figured out, although I may have mixed up Angelina, Alicia and Katie...The only one I'm not sure of is Katherine Stone - care to cast any light on that? This last cliffie reeks strongly of a certain part of LwD - does John/Remus only have to call to get Morta/Danger back?? Update soon, pretty pretty please...Failing that, more Facing Danger would also be appreciated!
P.S I have left this review on as well, in case you thought it looked similar...

AnnaTigg posted a comment on Tuesday 13th May 2008 8:21pm

This is a very good twist on the Dangerverse. I hope you haven't given up on it entirely as I'd like to see where it will go next.

Lesa posted a comment on Sunday 2nd March 2008 9:19am

Please update!

I will say I love it, and how it all fits with the Dangerverse. Please, please update!

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 12:29am

[Quote] "Do not leave me," he begged in a whisper barely louder than the hushed voices in the next room. "My Morta, do not leave me here all alone..."

Morta’s breath seemed, for an instant, to catch. Then a whisper so soft that his seemed a shout reached his ear.


John stared at his beloved, frozen in astonishment, and could not speak a word. [End quote]

"Because I love you, you silly twit, that's why. Now get back here so I can hug you and shake you and tell you never to leave me again!" mutters me.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 19th December 2007 8:19pm

LOL at the way that Samuel talked to the messenger and Alison stood for it. Nice use of the Latin for left in Sinister too. I also liked his extremely dodgy character that is shot through with certain aspects of morality. The Mellis castle was a good name for Hogwarts too. Great chapter. More please.

Marauder Mischief posted a comment on Sunday 16th December 2007 10:12am

Hmm, reviews stimulate the mind? let's see, i love it for one. it was kind of funny in the beginning, trying to figure out who everyone was. it ends so depressingly, and now i'm really sad. and it always takes you forever to update...


i fear i shall never know what happens to dear Morta and John before i am bombarded with yet more and more homework. while i adore math, i hate geometry.


anyhow, i love your stories. i used to constantly send my best friend excerpts from your stories, and eventually she told me to stop spoiling it for her and to just giver her the link.

heh heh.

anyhow, love it.


Maddie Potter posted a comment on Monday 10th December 2007 11:40pm



I'm going all capslock I'm so happy.

Now I want another update, purleeeeeeeeese.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Monday 23rd April 2007 11:05am

Oh, no! PLEASE tell me she's not really dead!!! You call this fun? eek!!!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Thursday 29th March 2007 9:30pm

The beginning fight was good. She can't be dead. Great chapter. More please. Evil cliffie ending!

writer'sblock posted a comment on Thursday 1st February 2007 10:49am

I really like this... It's as if it's a new story, but with enough Harry Potter to be called fanfic. And I like how you have portrayed the characters.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 7th January 2007 5:06am

That's a truly evil cliffhanger. Excellent chapters though. I love Sirius's story. More please. Love the inclusion of the songs and the incredibly sharp characterisation.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 7th January 2007 4:51am

I loved the Marauder crew song. That would be really funny. The King Linus' ugly mistress song will undoubtedly go down with Alison even worse than that one. Excellent chapter.

Danielle posted a comment on Sunday 3rd September 2006 5:52pm

So I've just read this for the first time and now i know why everyone on group was so hopeful that you would update this....i LOVE it!!!! im afriad you are going to have one more person bugging you about for this one and LS&SR... The pack and pride lend themselves so easily to this genere and era....I also loved how it was almost a game for myself to figure out who everyone's counterparts were....i think i have all of them except for three....

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Saturday 2nd September 2006 11:21pm

Certes, 'tis a most pleasant and entertaining morsel to drop before your readers this day. Pray, continue with all dispacth.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Saturday 2nd September 2006 2:20pm

Nice to see a new chapter to this one! Is there a who's who listing anywhere? I think I have them all figured out, but it would be nice to be sure.

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Saturday 2nd September 2006 12:02pm

I still don't know what a damosel is. You sure that O's supposed to be there?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yes, I'm sure.   It's just an old form of "damsel."