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Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 31st August 2008 11:15pm for Chapter 1

Excellent beginning. I like the way that I've little idea about what's going on other than Luq messing up the timeline and throwing Draco and Meghan into the wrong verse and yet still love it.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 3:47am for Chapter 1

A strange twist to the universe ... and how shall it work out? We shall see ... I hope that, since it's complete, posting will be soon!

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 3:32am for Chapter 1

Wow! This was certainly different. Very well done. Is Padma going to make it? Thanks for an interesting view of Harry's post years under the Marriage Law. Thanks for writing. pms

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Are you sure you're reviewing the right story? There's no Padma nor any Marriage Law in this one. Thanks anyway.

Lesa posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 2:23am for Chapter 1

Mwah, Luq isn't going to know what hit him. Too bad all the Pack-parents are dead...(except Letha, perhaps...)

goddessa39 posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 2:04am for Chapter 1

Hm. I just read this on FFnet. Is it just me or does it take forever to reach emails from here?

First off, I really like this. I sorta see whats up but there are many things that are just broadly strange. So Pearl and Draco are there. Where is Harry-yes the goc. has him but what is up with him? And Ginny?

callie posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 1:22am for Chapter 1

oooooo this sounds interesting....

can't wait for more!!!

Summerkins posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 12:58am for Chapter 1

oh my gosh! This is so good so far. I can't wait to see how it goes! :D Its good to see something from you again Anne

Tabitha Potter posted a comment on Saturday 23rd August 2008 10:07pm for Chapter 1

*watches all free time being sucked into the danger-verse reading hole* Why, why do you do this to me when I should be studying my a** off to get into law... why

I'm so intrigued it isn't funny! can't wait to read the rest.

So its like... normalverse with twists that was originally dangerverse?

Don't answer I'm sure it'll become clear