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bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Saturday 30th March 2013 12:36pm for The Point of No Return

Wow! What an alternate world! Severus becomes "Russell Evans" and _still_ gets Narcissa!

Peter seems irretrievable in this variant, but of course this story belongs to the returnverse, not dangerverse.

Also, your stories have caused me to think a little about Wormtail. Rats are traditionally ill-thought-of in the English-speaking world. "You rat" (meaning a traitor or somebody who turns a confederate in to the authorities), "rats leave a sinking ship," etc. This in spite of the fact that domesticated rats make excellent pets.

So of course Rowling made Peter a rat animagus. I'm afraid she did tend to the cheap shots in many ways. I mean really... Remus Lupin? Arithmancy taught by Professor Vector? Herbalism by Professor Sprout? Hogwarts? (think warthog) _Sybil_ Trelawny?

I'm glad that Anne has often gone beyond these stereotypes in her stories.

afpease posted a comment on Wednesday 13th January 2010 2:25pm for The Point of No Return

I have to say that his little gem had an enormous impact on me - first the revelation that "Lucius Malfoy" was really Russ Evans, then my whole body tingled when I hit the revelation of exactly who "Russ Evans" was. I also read your two little one-shot sequels, and while they did not have the impact that this did (not too many surprises like this one that you can pull out), I enjoyed them quite a bit.

Thank you for all the fan-fiction you've written. I enjoy all of your work.

bellachaos posted a comment on Thursday 24th December 2009 9:16pm for The Point of No Return

Great story. The surprise at the end tied the story up beautifully and made me reconsider the rest of the story. Strangely enough, my favorite line of the fic came from Lucius, when he was dueling Russel and yelled "show me the color of your magic," in that one line I caught years of pureblood tradition. That single phrase added dimension to the character and the story as a whole. Very well written.

takon65 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd September 2009 12:39pm for The Point of No Return

Excellent as always. I hope you put this series on the front burner for a while.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I would love to but the main DV gets first priority once BC is done...

BecauseISaidSo posted a comment on Thursday 16th July 2009 8:34am for The Point of No Return

I didn't know this story existed until I read the sequel, so I was a bit confused until I found and read this one. Great story, and an interesting spin on canon.

Ingerslev71 posted a comment on Wednesday 15th July 2009 12:00pm for The Point of No Return

I like AUs where there is a clear divergence of one thing happening differently, and following the consequences. This is a very nice example of that, and I liked how you kept that a secret right until the end, making the reader thing Russell is an original character rather than a changed canon character.

If you get the inspiration, and the time, I vote for a continuation of this forward. What would the war have been like without Severus Snape, Death Eater and spy? Would the prophecy have been overheard and reported? And if it wasn't destined to be reported, would it have been made at all? With Pettigrew marginalized, who would be the secret-keeper? Based on your "Return Receipt" sequel, events clearly proceeded somewhat the same, but the details might differ.

Far be it from me to dictate to your muse, though...I know stories don't just appear on command, no matter how much we might like them to.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I try to write that sort of AU generally, since it seems the most... honest, I guess. And I know what happened to set up Return Receipt and the oneshot about the Evanses I'll shortly be writing to flesh it out and get it to a stopping place (which I think will be called Return Policy), but the knowledge is stuck in the back of my head. I'll try showering and getting a full night's sleep, and see if that makes it come out.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Wednesday 15th July 2009 5:12am for The Point of No Return

Wow. I only just got around to finishing reading this. I'm impressed, I truly am, this is a great fic.

Tanydwr posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 6:36am for The Point of No Return

Wow. Brilliant concept. I loved the Phantom references (we both have great taste in musicals - I have an AU Smallville fic called The Point of No Return). And your characterisation of Narcissa was great.

Lol, Tanydwr

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Tuesday 16th June 2009 4:45am for The Point of No Return

Knowing you and AU stories, I'm sure you'll come up with something. XD

I can see it now...Voldemort and the prophecy are still around, but the Potters, Evanses, Lupins, and Blacks are ALL still alive and kicking. Hum. Maybe Peter P. can take Snape's place as double turncoat/spy? And Harry, Daniel, Hermione, and Meghan are all friends/relatives of some sort?

Definitely something to consider after FD and BC slow down a bit. I encourage you!! XD Excellent story (as usual)!

<3 from Gina

DukeBrymin posted a comment on Tuesday 28th April 2009 3:41pm for The Point of No Return

Hmmm. I'm confused about ages. I thought that Russell was Lily's twin, adopted or not. But he seems to be much older than James and Sirius, who, we assume, are Lily's age.
Anyway, great story, thanks!

Deborahsu posted a comment on Tuesday 14th April 2009 11:41pm for The Point of No Return

Oh, I think that this could be continued into the Harry era beautifully! This could be the start of a whole new Dangerverse! And what an excellent start!

Ishi posted a comment on Monday 6th April 2009 8:16pm for The Point of No Return

No! Continue it please? 'Twould be ever so lovely.

But it's sweet and wonderful as it is, too ^^.

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 8:20pm for The Point of No Return

This was beautiful.
Imaginative and twisted to suit your 'world' but very beautiful.

Lynn Terald posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 3:01pm for The Point of No Return

It is a sweet tale in and of itself and I am very glad that you shifted Snape to the family that you did. If you never continue the story, then I will remember it for the single line that it is, but if you do continue it, then I shall be ecstatic that you have continued.


amulder posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 5:37am for The Point of No Return

Re: the contract... the contract just terminates the marriage if an Evans is hurt by a DE. So no harm to anyone now, if the Evans' are attached by DEs

BUT if the contract rather specified some injury (either magical or monetary) to the DEs if they attacked the Evans'... well that'd be like a get-out-of-jail-free card for Cissy and Russ from now on.

Imagine what the war would be like if Russ/Lily/Cissy (all the Evans') could attack the DEs with no worries, and the DEs could NOT retaliate.

That is what I meant. Clearer, now?


Anne B. Walsh replied:

It is, and that would indeed be funny to read, and I did think of it, but it seemed OOC for Narcissa. She's nicer in this version, but she's still self-centered, and it would have been her own freedom she'd want above all else.

amulder posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 5:11am for The Point of No Return

Yes, more than enough. I'm not sure I'll easily forgive you for pulling the rug out from under me and turning Russ into Severus... I was perfectly content to be reading an A/U with Lily having a twin. :-)

As for continuing... Hmm, if you'd designed that contract just a bit differently you could have had a lot of fun with a sequel.


Anne B. Walsh replied:

That's why they call me the evil author. How do you mean about the contract?

carolebear posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 5:02am for The Point of No Return

Okay, just how much room do you have in that prolific brain of yours? I think there must be a pocket of hyperspace or something, because there’s no way all the Dangerverse, AU’s of Dangerverses, and the AU’s of the AU’s can all fit in a normal brain.

My brain is obviously not as developed as yours, because you always manage to surprise me. No matter how hard I try, I can’t figure out what’s going on until you tell us at the very end. And darlin’ while I do love the one shots, PLEASE do something with FD or BC soon. My head is going to explode if I can’t figure out where those two stories are going!

You torture me, but I love you anyway!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

It's wizardspace, of course. :-) And FD is in the works!

Alma posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 4:33am for The Point of No Return

I love this. I'm a fan of pairing Narcissa with Severus.Very well written, as usual!

Carol Layland posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 3:19am for The Point of No Return

Well, if this is an occasional foray for you I do hope that there will be more chapters to this forway. As to the forward direction, Canon does state that Harry is the result of Lily and James getting married so the way is a given. Lily and Petunia have an adopted brother so when Lilly marries James and the unfullfilled no harm clause in the marriage contract results in Harry being orphaned, where else would Harry go but to his Uncle Russ and Aunt Narcissa. It sounds like it could be fun.

creaothceann posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 11:09pm for The Point of No Return

Seems like the extramarital clauses of the marriage contract won't be needed after all. :)