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oddlyalli posted a comment on Wednesday 19th March 2014 3:04pm

I basically love every part of this chapter, though I'm exhausted and all the little bundles of energy sound like a pain to deal with right now. But the set-up of Hermoine pretending and Draco doing...something is very exciting.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by pun--if it's the different types and smells of "litter," the fact someone in this party could say "but we were walking with our feet," or something I've missed.

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Wednesday 12th March 2014 2:24pm

An enjoyable chapter. Thank you.

triciaelbl posted a comment on Thursday 6th March 2014 10:58pm

Enjoyed the chapter. Didn't expect that direction, but I'm enjoying the fun thinking of the differences here. (going left to go right?)

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2014 4:16pm

Sounds like a great subterfuge is about to start for Hermione.

Phil Boswell posted a comment on Wednesday 5th March 2014 1:33am

I do like the idea that centaurs and other Forest dwellers might have cunning methods of travel: that could come in very handy (so instead of "Red Roads" they use "White-Oak Ways"?), but I'm not yet awake enough to fathom out your "truly hideous pun".

More prophecies? Bring 'em on ^_^

As for Surpassing Danger , I for one am happy to wait. Not only are you giving us joys like this in the meantime, but forcing the story cannot help either it or you. (Not that I'm necessarily the best person to talk about procrastination, but there you are ;-)

Anansii posted a comment on Tuesday 4th March 2014 10:31pm

On the one hand, I don't see the pun. On the other I'm sure I'm going to be sorry to find out what it is. :) Have a "Groan..." in advance.

Nothing specific to say except I'm enjoying this, so good luck in keeping it up. As for Surpassing Danger , I'm currently re-reading my way through the whole saga so as to be up to date for the finale. Currently at Dealing With Danger , Hagrid and the hippogriffs.

runnerman87 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th March 2014 9:44pm

I'm going to take a crack at the pun. Is it the "litter underfoot"? "Litter" here could refer to either the ground cover or the collection of wolves wandering around at Alcyone's feet, and of course they'd be "under foot" either way.

Also, I'm really hoping that we'll see more of "Professor Grumpy" in this story. I've found your depictions of Snape to be both believable and charming while remaining more or less in character.

Zaion posted a comment on Friday 14th February 2014 12:22pm

Yes, we are all absolutely, totally and completely disappointed.

*deadpan second of silence*


Cannot wait for the next chapter. ^_^


Anansii posted a comment on Thursday 13th February 2014 12:15am

Epic! Epic! I'm reminded of back when you were releasing "Be Careful.." and how very much longer it went on than I'd any hope of. It's still one of my favorites and gets reread from time to time.

Just be sure to dodge canon as much as possible once any characters hit Hogwarts (and for heaven's sake let Grasseye STAY a wolf!). I'm SURE you can keep this a lot more interesting than that. :)

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 8:16pm

How can there be a time before Hogwarts if Harry is a wolf and unable to study and perform like humans, unless you are going to have him change back or into a mid-state between the two?

SerenityLily posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 6:24pm

Yay Sirius and Moonfur are reunited! *cheers* I have to say, I really like where I think this story is going :) and I always knew this was going to be an epic haha you aren't the type to leave a whole world unexplored as thoroughly as you can. And I did love the scene between the two of them because this was always how I envisioned any reunion for them - I mean yes, Sirius was wrongly blamed but at some point I've always wanted them to have the conversation about how the reason for the whole mess was that they didn't trust Remus enough, and your take on that was so realistic. And as always, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FREQUENT UPDATES I feel so loved and spoiled hahaha

Nenya posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 5:07pm

Woop! Will this be as long as BC? Really love all the little nuances in there; it was a perfect mix of emotions for the reunion.

josephus posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 4:55pm

Such horrible disappointment, &c. &c.

On a more serious note: YAY! Looking forward to Lucius finding out what Sirius has done to his son already. Yes, I'm a terrible person...

oddlyalli posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 1:21pm

I'm not sure I can be more specific than a long scream of either "yay!" or "whoo! epic!" in this review, beyond just saying I love you and your imaginings of these characters, and so look forward to this joining Be Careful in my favorite stories ever list (vs. DV in general, which is in the favorite series ever section).

I haven't gone through the rest of the reviews, so you've probably already answered this, but is Ashtail supposed to be a version of Meghan or Abigail? Yes/no/which?

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 10:32am

Oh, a wonderful reconciliation! And of course we are terribly disappointed that it's turning into another epic! ROFL!

jua-chan posted a comment on Wednesday 12th February 2014 12:04am

Oh yes so horribly disapponted that we weep...with joy ;)

I really love this story. It is a great beginningto a great adventure and I can't wait to see what happens. I enjoy reading about your wise wolves and the centaurs.

The discussion between Moony and Padfood was great.

buffarama posted a comment on Tuesday 11th February 2014 11:35pm


moony got one over on padfoot, big time! hah.

awww, going to see the family

triciaelbl posted a comment on Tuesday 11th February 2014 6:07pm

LOVE, not LIKE is the right word here. A delightful adventure I can't wait to continue.

Phil Boswell posted a comment on Tuesday 11th February 2014 5:56pm

Oh, yes, terribly disappointed…in a "shut up and take my money" kind of way :-P

This is shaping up to be excellent fun. So do you have plans for someone to "play guitar" with Sirius so he doesn't get too lonely? What's going to happen when they get to Hogwarts? Is our favourite red-haired family going to feature at some point?

I really am intrigued as to how you're going to handle the Hogwarts years. How much will change because of having Sirius in the adjunct position? Will Quirrell and Lockhart make appearances or flounder somewhere offstage?

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Saturday 1st February 2014 10:25pm

So, Mr. Mooney is finally going to re-introduce himself to Mr. Padfoot. I wonder if Padfoot will see this as the ultimate prank, or decide to take a chunk out of Mooney? I do not forsee Draco wanting to return any time soon, and I am surprised that Hemione was returned.