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Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 6th August 2006 8:39am for Chapter 1

This was such a fantastic beginning chapter. I love it.

sekai posted a comment on Friday 7th July 2006 8:15pm for Chapter 1

Aww :-)
How sweet! Will they kids end up with three sets of parents now? ;)

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Sunday 18th June 2006 12:52pm for Chapter 1

Response to the review by Evan Mayerle:

I don't know if Anne meant John & Kelly to be a nod to Clancy, I don't know if Anne's even read Clancy, but Remus's cover name is John White. Kelly White is John's wife, and the cover name for Remus's wife Danger.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 11th June 2006 11:07am for Chapter 1

Snicker, as a long-time ST fan, the following amused me greatly:

"Draco? Is that the kid’s name?" James looked up at the ceiling. "Thank you, Mum and Dad," he said fervently. "For giving me a normal name."

"A normal first name," said Lily, her eyes dancing. "They went pureblood on the middle one."

James moaned. "Don’t remind me. And then that awful Muggle television program..."

Lily bristled. "Star Trek was not awful!"

"It was so. The captain had my name! Both of them!"

"Poor James," said Lily in a sing-song tone. "Poor James Tiberius..."

BTW, a question on the Dangerverse in general, the name Remus worked under in the supermarket, John Kelly, was that a 'tip of the hat' to Tom Clancy? I ask because that's the 'real name' of the Clancy character who became "John Clark".