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Mulch Diggums posted a comment on Sunday 20th September 2009 2:28pm for Chapter 8

I can just picture Alan Rickman delivering the "I am moving" line. His voice and enunciation is just so... Snape-like.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yes, he totally stole that character and made it his own. Some casting choices for the movies I question. Not that one.

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Sunday 21st January 2007 3:32pm for Chapter 8

I cannot believe how much I am now hooked on this AU AU. SOOOO good; love the expandoPack, and the ManorDen is great too. I can just imagine Lucy's reaction to the kids having broom races in his great ballroom or great hall. har de har har.



oh, ps.,

Lord Thingy up five years - FREAKY.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Thursday 7th December 2006 4:32pm for Chapter 8

You may hate the plot bunny, but I'm sure enjoying it! :-)

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Friday 15th September 2006 4:15am for Chapter 8

The Oedipus part was so incredibly funny. Laughed out loud at "He didn’t know what would happen if he forgot this, but he was sure it would be bad." Lily is so cool. I love the reintroduction of old Moldieshorts too. More please. Excellent chapter.

Melferd posted a comment on Wednesday 13th September 2006 1:20pm for Chapter 8

I'm making my way slowly through the Danger series, and I find this on the update page. I'm in LOVE with the concept (au on an au, why not?) I frantically ignore my children, only leave to run get Boston Chicken for my poor DH and kids, and read to late bed time, and .......
"I have an idea" FORSOOTH!!
**goes back to read more other Dangerverse****
Please more.
Tia, Mel

Fate posted a comment on Tuesday 12th September 2006 6:16pm for Chapter 8

Very nice!!

LolaMadrid posted a comment on Monday 11th September 2006 4:33am for Chapter 8

Finally, i get to read it!

this is an interesting turn. a severus becomming even closer to the pack?! wow, only you could pull this off.

yeah, um, GET OUT! there's plan. (oh, damn, forgot they're all gryffindors).

the whole snape/meghan thing had me rolling!

and what more: could letha and lily be plotting to help danger get pregnant and might a remade severus actually help?! dare i hope? how touching would that be...

sorry, you know i get a bit confused sometimes, was the last high voice sirius heard actually neenie talking back to him? i'll ask that now in case i forget later. and on a side note, i was having trouble not thinking of you talking aloud to alex in your mind. lol! and then i had this strange bunny of sirius writing about you. ha! like i said earlier...dangersoup.

thanks for the update, anne!

Aberbadger posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 11:58pm for Chapter 8

I do hope you know where you're going with this, because the intreague and suspense is becoming almost painful!!!

Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 11:34pm for Chapter 8

You NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY writer! To leave us hanging like that? Shame on you!

Ok, I'm better now. Thanks, this was delicious. And I've asked before, but what group? Toss me a bone here, please.


Anne B. Walsh replied:

My Yahoo group.   (Sorry about taking so long to answer!)   Click on the "Yahoo Group" link at the top of the  page.  

Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 3:53pm for Chapter 8

Like this chapter more than most - lots of story, lots of progress, and even Snape acting almost as though he were at least distantly related to the human race. WOW

hopefully, even with the prophecy, they can cook up an excellent greeting for old moldieshorts

kendiara posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 2:30pm for Chapter 8

I had to start this one over, because I was getting confused...hehe the thought of Voldemort showing up at the Den just cracks me up...all I can see is the confusion on his face when he gets an "unwelcome".

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 2:23pm for Chapter 8

Evil cliffhanger! But otherwise, nice chapter. :-)

Eirwen posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 1:46pm for Chapter 8

Yes! I love you Anne! Another chapter of TatL! :does a vicotory dance:
Awwwww! I hope we'll get to see the little bundle of joy this chapter, it's not far from being born now.
I like Lily's descriptions, she's awesome as a narrator! I especially love the "slumber party for the whole family" line.
James and Lily and so adorable together! It's such relief to read this after the last FD chapter, even if I already know about the part that's labeled with a BYOT warning. Hmm, is that "I'm your grown-up son traveling back in time" line a reference to the Twist of Time? It sounds like one.
That's just like Neenie! helping Sirius finishing his story at such a tender age. So adorable.
Snaaaaape? What is *he* doing here? I love how Sirius says "He can see how nice we have it, and get all jealous because he's too nasty to get a girlfriend" though.
That's interesting, is Snape getting Snape for a change? That's good, I suppose. And there's nothing wrong with thinking that, Snape, there's something right with you at last and you should be glad of that! Ugh!
Voldemort! So the others on the group are right, and it is him! I don't like this at all... And by the way, does Sirius's writing scene holds any significance?
NOO! Not to the den, no, can't they do an quick fidelius spell? No, no, no, no...

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 10th September 2006 1:32pm for Chapter 8

*chuckle* Wicked cliffie there, but I bet her idea will be a corker. Mind you, I certainly figure Moldyshorts will find it less that steller.