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sblackfan posted a comment on Tuesday 4th September 2007 9:15am for Chapter 9

How are they going to get out of this one? Can't wait to see what happens.

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Monday 30th July 2007 1:39pm for Chapter 9

So? Where's the next part of this story? I can't wait, I need a new dose of this story!

Saffron posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 12:02pm for Chapter 9

Amazing. I've been visiting this website forever and this is the first time I've reviewed and I'd just like to say that you are way too mean to keep us waiting like this! It's been almost four months!

Brilliant work, though!


ShadowNixxie posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2007 1:51pm for Chapter 9

Ack! No leaving off like that!!!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Sunday 11th February 2007 2:32pm for Chapter 9

Oh, boy. How are they gonna get Harry out THIS time?

Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Friday 2nd February 2007 2:18pm for Chapter 9

I always know that when I read your stories they will be of the highest quality. "Bring me Harry Potter" What an absolutely perfect way to end the chapter however, I need to know what is going to happen. You have your fingers in so many different pies and each one is better than the next, the funny thing is that is true no matter where you start! Lol! Keep up the great work!!!

cocolaz posted a comment on Tuesday 30th January 2007 12:20pm for Chapter 9

Completely devastating cliffhanger!

Update soon!

Kinsfire posted a comment on Tuesday 30th January 2007 9:54am for Chapter 9

I dread to think of the punishment that they will receive from the rest of the Pack for what they've done. Perhaps a symbolic shunning? No, that's not the word I want ... a method of the parents pointing out that members of the Pack have proven that they are not to be trusted until they earn that trust once more.

Somehow a simple spanking just doesn't cut it in this situation, since Harry has done EXACTLY what Voldemort wanted.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I'm getting visions of a kiddy-chain-gang. :-) Don't worry, I do have it planned...

As someone on my Yahoo group said, "If they live through the night, the Pack-parents will kill them in the morning."

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 29th January 2007 12:39am for Chapter 9

The cubs are too brave for their own good. Loved the way they tricked Tigermum. Excellent chapter. More please. Please don't leave us in suspense for too long.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 5:22pm for Chapter 9

Certainly an interesting idea for a cover. Good chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 12:03pm for Chapter 9

Good chapter. Kind of odd that you chose deception as a means for dealing with Voldemort.

Silly little cubs ruin everything by coming along.

Thanks for writing, annoying cliffhanger though.

Please write more soon.


Gardengirl posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 12:01pm for Chapter 9

Stinkpot! That's a very naughty thing to do, leaving us here like this. 50 lashes with a wet noodle!!!

Melferd posted a comment on Sunday 28th January 2007 8:08am for Chapter 9

Yikes!! I thought the cliff last time was bad, but this !!!!!.
It was a tough four months, but well worth them. Thanks so much for more of this...I can't wait to see if the Pack outsmarted Voldie, or themselves...
Tia, Mel

darktail posted a comment on Saturday 27th January 2007 7:53pm for Chapter 9

...Oh dear.
I hope you have the next chapter in the work (at least), or the wait will be a pain!
Wonderful chapter, though. I really can't image what could happen next.
...Well, keep up the good work, see you!

karina82 posted a comment on Saturday 27th January 2007 4:25pm for Chapter 9

freaken cubs. they just had to get caught up in the action.