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Gioia posted a comment on Friday 23rd December 2011 8:02pm for Epilogue

I love this Danger-verse series. But this is my absolute favorite out of your one-shots, AUs and remixes. Obviously this is also the one with the fluffiest, happiest, best-case-scenario ending, too! ;-) But I really love the creative way you took a fandom cliche (James & Lily aren't dead) and developed this carefully-plotted story with very-well written interactions between all the characters, and a kicking finale when Voldemort returned. Well done!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 24th March 2011 12:31am for Epilogue

I enjoyed it. What happened to Snape? Did he live or what?

Tanyeera posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd March 2011 12:36am for Epilogue

This was an *awesome* fic. I loved it lots and read it straight through in one shot. My favourite bits was when James and Lily revealed themselves to Harry, and the deception/final battle with Voldemort... The Snape bits were quite lovely too, seeing him get so surprised at how the children treat him and how at home he feels in the Den

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 8:25pm for Epilogue

Hi Anne,

I found a AU I had not read yet *gasps for joy* and I loved it. There is hardly anything around I don't like written by you.

Love this little 'what if' AU's so much because a James & Lily alive would be the best and a Marcus that lives is wonderfull but Moony & Danger being able to conceive would be priceless and something I hope will one day come to pass in the original Dangerverse.

What lovely to read this on a sunday morning under that pleasure of sipping tea in a sun dappled garden *sigh of pleasure*

Thanks, C

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Be grateful you didn't find it earlier. I left it hanging at the end of Chapter 9 for a year. Oh, you want to see a Lupin baby in main DV? I think we might be able to manage that... maybe... *looks smug*

PrayingForMercy posted a comment on Monday 26th January 2009 12:02pm for Epilogue

This is great. The best Lily-and-James-are-alive fic I've read. Wonderfully done.

Ariel Schnee posted a comment on Saturday 9th August 2008 7:31pm for Epilogue

This was GOOD! I LIKE it! I hope to see more IN THIS UNIVERSE!

IamNotawriter posted a comment on Saturday 16th February 2008 4:18pm for Epilogue

Another Finely crafted story from the Dangerverse galaxy of the myriad Harry Potter alternate universes.

Thank you. It is always a pleasure to read your postings.

Amarin Rose posted a comment on Saturday 9th February 2008 3:38pm for Epilogue

Well, that was a wonderful ride down alternate universe lane. I liked how it was the kids welcoming everyone to the family, and how it was Danger keeping Lily's family together, and Lily helping Danger have her own kids.

Jimbocous posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd January 2008 10:13am for Epilogue

Thanks. Really enjoyed these stories. Very well done!

callie posted a comment on Sunday 13th January 2008 7:51pm for Epilogue

yay they're all happy!!!

good story

Deborahsu posted a comment on Sunday 13th January 2008 2:30pm for Epilogue

I love it! A well-done AU of an AU! LOL!!! Short, but great.

And yes, real life IS much harder than school, and infinitely more complicated!

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 7:39am for Epilogue

Good story, thanks for sharing it with us.

Tabitha Potter posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 6:45am for Epilogue

You give the warm fuzzys almost as much as the epilogue of DH did!!! Thank you!!!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 5:18am for Epilogue

Congrats on finishing this story! It was worth the wait!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 12:01am for Epilogue

Awww, poor Pearl pouting away at not being able to go to school. Such a cute epilogue. I loved the way everyone hit Sirius and the "Et tu Marce?" Excellent ending.