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Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2006 2:39pm for Chapter 2: Amulet

Very cool so far. Can't wait to see Harry. Will she be able to prevent James' and Lily's deaths???

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2006 4:50am for Chapter 2: Amulet

Hmm. Interesting. Pericula Grant...very creative. Also very transparent, but since this world never had a 'Danger Granger'...I take it you're planning to have Harry and Hermione be next-door neighbors? I think the simplest way to deal with post-Halloween would be to have Peri be conveniently on the street when Pettigrew blows the gas main, then forcefully insist to the Magical Catastrophes lot that she saw Pettigrew set off the explosion and transform into a rat before Black had a chance to do anything. But that would probably negate Harry's going to the Dursleys. Unless you have Sirius move in down the street?...okay, no more speculation, I'll just wait for the next chapter.

Carolyn1 posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2006 1:32am for Chapter 2: Amulet

Nice story so far.

Ishtar posted a comment on Thursday 9th March 2006 8:13am for Chapter 2: Amulet

Oooh, I'm liking this! It's astounding how many changes you can ring around the same setup. This one is just different enough to be interesting ... I'm assuming the deaths of the Potters is one of those things that "has to happen", but is Sirius's stay in Azkaban one of those things? Will she find a way to spill the beans about Peter? Will Harry go to Sirius instead of the Dursleys? Will I stop sounding like Athenakitty?

I wait eagerly to find out.

Musta posted a comment on Thursday 9th March 2006 4:39am for Chapter 2: Amulet

I must say, any other efforts pale in comparison. 8.3/10.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Thursday 9th March 2006 3:35am for Chapter 2: Amulet

I didn't realize this was related to the Danger universe until Sirius mentioned Letha. Actually, I was guessing that the nurse was Hermione across dimensions. (Ut-oh, plot bunny, crossover - Buckaroo Banzai and Hermione across the 8th Dimension. Sorry. I'll go wash my brain out with soap now.)

ANyway, it makes a bit more sense with the Author's note. I just expected to have it become apparent in the story over time.

Good story. Thanks for writing. Good luck with it. Interesting concept.

Tom A.