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You'll Bawl was updated on 28th Dec 10

Status: Completed - Rating: Young Teens - Chapters: 2 - Word count: 4,279 - Genre: Humor

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You'll laugh, you'll scream... or maybe you'll just laugh. From the "Be Careful" universe: Photographs from the otherworld's Heroes and Villains ball make their way to the canon crew. Who's who, what's what, and will you ever get these images out of your head? Special announcement at the end, so please click through even if you didn't read BC! Merry Christmas to my readers!

1 - You'll Bawl
Word count: 3,594 - Reviews: 3 - Rating: Young Teens - Uploaded on: 17th Dec 10

2 - You'll Bawl :: You'll Laugh
Word count: 685 - Reviews: 6 - Rating: Young Teens - Uploaded on: 28th Dec 10