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AnnaTigg posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 4:10pm

Oh wow, another chapter, you ARE spoiling us. Please carry on doing it...Fantastic stuff here as always. Hurrah for Bernie, Graham and the elflets, and for Meghan confronting Neville. Liked the Harry & Draco section chez Dursley particularly - the male cubs holding firm, excellent. Also the communication between Padfoot and "Mare". And the Harry-Ginny scene. And, well, all of it really...And I am intrigued by your chapter heading reference to the beautiful verse from Isaiah. This sounds very hopeful and promising, so please don't draw out the suspense (I can probably manage to wait until February 6, but only just!). And I like the sound of Outliving Danger for the next installment of the DV (although preferably without anything too unpleasant happening to said Pack Mother...)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I like spoiling my readers. The chapter title didn't want to come clear to me until I realized it was all about prisoners, the blind, and starting to get hope for them. I shall try not to make you wait past the Feast of the Superb Owl (since the NFL gets tetchy if you use their trademarks). Vote duly noted.

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 2:54pm

How about Living Through Danger. We had 'With' & 'Without' and 'Dealing with' Danger so I thought....perhaps..... or you can go for number 3. :D


It seems as though our heroes are trying to make do with what they have but are preparing for what is to come (freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners?).

I loved the little moments of tenderness here and there but also the quiet and sometimes (un)noticed despair that one could read between the lines.

Ooooh, it is just so good to see you on a roll again.
Oh be still my foolish dangerverseaddicted heart. :D

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I like that a lot! Into the hat it goes! And yes, that is precisely what our heroes are doing. What is it with people and calling my writing drugs? I didn't wanna grow up and be a drug dealer...

kendiara posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 1:32pm

Yay on the still loving weekends :) And my daughter is happier than me because this is a wonderful birthday present :)

I like Ending Danger, mostly because Outliving sounds like all the Pack-parents are dead and Seeking sounds like their not going to ever be able to have a life because they are always looking for something either lost or dangerous. Not that losing Danger would be that great either :)

I'm interested myself in the outcome you have planned, I have theories but I have to wait to see if I can figure out what Aletha was humming...

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I'll give you a big hint--it is a song which was mentioned, even sung, within the last couple chapters. Vote duly noted.

ccarter posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 11:38am

Great chapter as always. As far as the title to the next book goes, both Ending Danger and Outliving Danger imply that Danger will die in the next story, which if that is not the plan, is not the best route. after all, even though the last two titles have strayed a little bit from the double meanings the first two titles held, the implications are still present. Just a little thing I thought of when I saw the potential new names.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Thanks for the thoughts.

Prongsie posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 11:31am

OMG! Are you kidding me? We get input? I love it :D ^^

Hmmm... Titles... My thoughts on them:

1) Seeking Danger: seems fun, though I suppose Danger might need some alone-time now and then. I wouldn't say the Pack seeks out danger, but danger seeks them out.
2) Ending Danger: Could be me, but... it seems so... over and done with. Dunno how I feel about that as I never ever want this to end :D
3) Outliving Danger: at first I didn't like it all that much. It seems a bit like the interpretation of the prophecy: HArry doesn't have a life until he stops Voldemort. So, apparently I still don't like it all that much.

Now, I'm sure you'll pick out whichever title you deem most appropriate, so get on with it woman! ;)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

1) Sounds like canon!Harry from PoA: "I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me."
2) Well, maybe I shouldn't say this, but an awful lot of my original work has characters who might feel familiar to you...
3) I get it. You don't like it. I won't use it. Happy now? :-)
Getting on with it, yes sir, yes ma'am...

Dangams posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 10:56am

Oooh, 'nother update. :)
I like the feeling of hope in this chapter and that things seem to be getting better. I want to see some truly royal arse-kicking directed at Voldemort and co soon. :D
Awesome Pack can be awesome?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Awesome Pack will be awesome, and soon!

TheAndyman777 posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 10:29am

Hey hey! How our favourite author!
Sorry I couldn't review the last chapter. Life is a little hectic for me at the moment, and I couldn't even pick up my iPod for a few minutes to write. So without further ado, here i am again!

I can see that things are certainally getting better again, and with you updating regularly again, my life is much better too. Congratulations on becoming a published author by the way. I will be sure to look out your work.

Anyway, in regards to the next verse in the Dangerverse story... I think it should be Outliving Danger, mainly because Ending sounds too final, and seeking just doesn't doubt right to me.

Hope that helps, and that more will follow soon
Kind regards

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Gee, life being hectic. I don't know a thing about that. Vote duly noted!

Changer posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 9:36am

So glad to see you writing again- I totally get the 'I didn't want to make the bad stuff happen but the story wouldn't go without it' paralysis and I'm glad to see you've overcome it! :)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Thanks. I'll try and keep the momentum going now.

MercuryBlue posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 9:35am

I quite like Seeking Danger. Loving the story as per usual. Especially how nothing's keeping Aletha down.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Oh, yeah, Aletha's not going to let them do this to her--only her memories went away, not her personality!

sugarbear68 posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 9:01am

Good chapter but still a lot of angst. I like that Letha is questioning things around her and trying to communicate with Sirius. As for the next installment, I vote for Seeking Danger so there can be another installment for Outliving Danger!!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Sorry, I think five books is my limit. But I'll make sure to get plenty of writing into that fifth one!

callie posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 8:04am

wow interesting, loved it!

i especially like the tree muskerteers work of bernie and the house elf twins!

and what about surviving danger?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Three Musketeers... tee. Surviving Danger has been placed into the Big Hat O' Titles!

TMorrow posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 7:32am

I know my reviews are few and far between, and I apologize for that, but I'm trying to get back into the habit.

First off. The title would, of course, be a reference to Isaiah 61:1-2, which is commonly accepted as being a bit of messianic prophecy--specifically about the long-term results of the Messiah's coming: "The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn" (New International Version).

Can you tell I'm a Christian Studies major?

Oh, this is not good. (The writing is, of course, wonderful, but nothing going on is good.) But, of course, we have the seeds of good. And more not-good. Asi es la vida.

Fifth book? Wow! I personally like "Seeking Danger." "Ending" doesn't flow the same, and "Outliving" just plain doesn't sound right to me. (Titles are really hard.)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

You? Christian Studies major? Nope, can't tell at all. Such is life indeed. Thanks for the vote!

princess ducky posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 5:14am

Yay! I thank you very muchly. I loved this chapter, although I do have to admit, the scenes between Harry/Ginny and Neville/Meghan made me tear up a little, but only a little.

Now as for the title of the next one, I suggest 'Hunting Danger', because isn't hunting what Packs and Prides do, and the P&P will be hunting Voldemort, happiness and the end of the war, so it kinda fits. But it's just an idea.

Thanks again for the beautiful chapter.

-Princess Ducky

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Hunting Danger... hmm. Into the hat it goes!

princess ducky posted a comment on Saturday 29th January 2011 3:34am

This is the only reason why I don't like in-progress fics. I'm not patient enough to wait for updates.

I've just spent the past 3 days reading the entire series up until here, and now I need to know what will happen next. You are an amazing author, and the parts of DV that really get to me are the stories within the story itself. Such as the tale about the phoenix.

As to what has just happened. I can't believe that Ron is blind. And the problem (understatement of the century) that holds Sirius and Letha is evil. I need to know what happens to this.

I love this series (proven by the fact that I discovered it over 2 years ago when I first began reading fanfic on, and I still re-read it today) and I cannot wait for the conclusion, even though that it will be the end of an era, even if there are side stories to it.

Please update soon, me, and many many other readers would appreciate it muchly.

-Princess Ducky

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I've always loved telling stories, so that's where I get to indulge myself. Ron can't believe it either. Sirius and Aletha... you'll see! And I'll try to get the conclusion out as soon as I can!

kania09 posted a comment on Wednesday 26th January 2011 5:56pm

Fantastic two chapters! This is really one of my all time favorite stories...I tend to reread the entire thing once every few years. I'll also be buying your ebook!

Can't wait to see what comes next!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Thanks! The more sales we get, the more likely it is that we'll do this again!

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Wednesday 26th January 2011 2:53am

Great chapter with a lot of informaton.

Ron's reaction to his situation was expected as someone may feel suddenly thrust into his situation.

Is Peter starting to melt....and to a muggle???? I hope so. Maybe with a little bit of love in his life, he may change a bit for the better.

Congratulations on being published. May it happen again for you.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yeah, Ron doesn't react well to any kind of surprise, especially not bad ones. Peter's got a long way to go, but he's started the right way now. Thanks for the good wishes!

Zevi posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 10:00pm

Good to see another chapter so soon.

I am surprised that Ron's blindness appears to be long-term, but if that happens, the prophesy about him falling and having to chose between saving himself and another can't come true, right? Right?

It's good to see Peter being nice to Evanie. (That story line would have gone very differently if written by another author, but that's what I read your works for. :P )

And contratulations on being published! That ebook is cheap enough that I'll get it just to say "thanks" for writing all of this.

PS Talking about buying books, is thousandbookchallenge site abandoned, or is it still active?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Ooh, good catch! Nobody else has brought that one up... IMHO, Peter's had enough of being a victim himself not to want to do it to someone else. I know it doesn't always go that way, but this time it did. And if you like this site, you'll definitely like that e-book. Sadly, TBC is pretty well defunct. It was worth a try...

AnnaTigg posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 4:29pm

Poor poor Ron. Hope he soon realises that he needs to keep Hermione close rather than telling her to get lost...Hurray for Crystal - George picked a good one there (or rather, you made a good one for him) and I'm intrigued about how Percy will react to and utilise The Scarlet Pimpernel, which is incidentally one of my (many) favourite books.
So Harry is off back to Dursleyville, but with Draco for company it should be better, although that does leave the females of the Pack and Pride to handle Ron, and indeed Neville (poor Neville).
And good things with Peter and Evanie (another great character). Even some interesting hints about Sirius and Aletha. Can we find out how Moony is soon though - the Pack needs its Alpha...
All in all, great chapter as usual, and bring on the next one just as quickly, please!
P.S. Congrats on getting published!!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

In reverse order: Thanks, I'm really excited about it! Moony is out of it for a while. Neville will come around, though it will be rough going. Hermione can handle Ron. Harry and Draco are going to have "fun" at the Dursleys' (hear the sarcasm?). Percy's going to have fun (no sarcasm here) playing with Scarlet Pimpernel-ism. And yes, I like Crystal very much. Lovely review, many thanks for it!

LynnTerald posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 2:55pm

Sorry about the double post the other night. I hadn't thought that the first one went through so I came back an hour or so later when I was calmer and wrote something a little saner.

Congrats on becoming a published author and thanks for updating so fast. Its nice to see that you haven't let the story go and this particular chapter was quite facinating in discovering exactly how the characters are able to intereact under duress (even Peter and Evanie). Makes me wonder if you have some grand plan for redeeming Peter. Well, till next time.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I didn't mind it. The insanity was fun. Trust me, the DV is getting finished! I wouldn't call it a grand plan, exactly... it's really quite boring...

ilovewhydouneedtoknow posted a comment on Sunday 23rd January 2011 8:42pm

im guessing that wormtail is going to help danger so that she can help padfoot and Letha :) i hope anyway bc i cant stand anymore waiting, and i think i know a way to help Ron but ill just wait and see :D thanks for updating hurry and update again :)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

He can't help her too openly--remember, Voldemort put a trap spell in his silver hand. But things may happen. You may well know a way to help Ron, but so do I! :-)