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hermionegranger579 posted a comment on Friday 5th June 2020 9:41pm

how could you kill moony and danger!? you didnt kill padfoot even thougj it was canon but you kill moony and danger!?

hermionegranger579 posted a comment on Saturday 30th May 2020 10:19pm

The stone that Dumbledore gives Harry and Ginny is the resurection stone, right?

Contrition posted a comment on Saturday 1st July 2017 12:50pm

Woo! I've finished! What a pleasure it's been for me to come back and finally finish this story, which I never had a chance to do back when it was written. I know you're not active on this site anymore, but I still wanted to leave my final message. What a beautifully handled story, and my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction by far. You're a talented writer, and you handled the many plot twists and competing threads expertly. Dangerverse has been a wonderful journey. Thanks for the memories :)

Contrition posted a comment on Friday 30th June 2017 5:17pm

OK Anne, you've showed me :p I should have known that you'd handle things well, the same way you handled all of the other crazy threads in this verse. It's just that teenage pregnancy is really squicky to me. But I'm impressed with what you've done. And now, 4 chapters to go until the end. This has been such a fun re-read!

Contrition posted a comment on Friday 30th June 2017 4:30pm

Boooo, sixteen-and-pregnant. :T If the lion's line continuing was indeed referring to [someone else], then surely Ginny didn't have to get pregnant in the end...

Contrition posted a comment on Friday 30th June 2017 12:23am

Aha! Finally got there. I knew you would do SOMETHING, but I had no idea what. Well done! So many different threads are coming together now.

Contrition posted a comment on Thursday 29th June 2017 6:27pm

Whew... ok. Now comes the time when I begin to hope in earnest that you weren't misleading your reviewers when you let some things slip. I still really, really hope that Ginny doesn't get pregnant... 16 and pregnant is too squicky. Not to mention that you've left enough clues by this point to suggest that the part of the prophecy they thought meant that Ginny would have to get pregnant, might be referring to someone else entirely.... someone else who [spoiler] is married to a possible heir of Gryffindor that had been thus overlooked? Who [spoiler] likes his tea really hot, too? At least it's all already written here. I just have to read!

FWIW, I still don't think that you'd really kill off Draco, and I think there's more going on in the Lucius and Starwing plot than meets the eye... and you'll reveal all in time. (Have revealed already. I just have to go read it. You know what I mean! I hope.)

Contrition posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2017 7:45pm

Okay, I've made it back to where I left off! Dangerverse has been just as fun on a re-read :) And now... no more guessing at what comes next. I can't wait to see what you did with SD!

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2017 6:41am

Excellent ch 53

Loved the idea of little baby Pettigrew being adopted by Charlie & Tonks. One day her true parents will be known but till then....does it really matter who a child is born from. Offspring should not be held accountable for the sins of the parent(s).

Now I shall escape from this Dangerverse till tonight, after my workday has ended.

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2017 4:44am

Hi Anne,

I must say it has been a while.

I had a huge computer crash about 4/5 years ago and lost everything. Every link. Every page. Every adress. Thankfully, had most pictures on External hardrive. So I admit that I lost contact with quite a few sites because it simply slipped my mind. Cleaning out desk drawers & night stand a few months back gave me a big surprise. There are about 40 or so HP fanfics I have printed out & bound. This was all before I had a bigger screened phone to read easily on ;)

Found Dangerverse & decided to re-read. Read on via the website & realized I came to the part I had never read before & seeing the dates of updating....made sense. My last was pre-Draco 'dying' & Luna 'failed' revenge.

Sucked me right back in. You even managed to make me love it even more. And this morning...the Peter & Evanie part....dang Hun, I cried like a baby. It was not a pretty cry either.

Just so happy to finally being able to read the rest of this most awesome story though I realize your head is in way different realms by now.

Thank you.


RRS777 posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2016 7:37pm

I absolutely LOVED this story. You are a wonderful author, and this is one of the best fanfictions that I have ever read.

Denya posted a comment on Sunday 21st June 2015 6:26am


Congratulations on finishing such an extended story!

Equally, congratulations on taking the leap of faith & publishing your original fiction!

I apologise for only reviewing now, but I hate reading WIP's, so I waited until you were completely finished. Con-crit is probably useless now - so I'll just say that you have done many many things right.

So right that I'm on my way to Amazon to buy Cat Tales (grin).

All success & Keep Writing!


Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 5:43pm

Was that a Terry Pratchett joke with the "What Owl?" bit? I just have the Duck Man in my head now. Such loveliness.

I was going to say I don't have words, but that would be a cop out, so here are some completely inadequate thanks for everything you've given us:

Ahh I can't say goodbye. I have to say au revoir, because I'm sure one day I'll be reading this again. Or something else by you and with Danger in it. Going to miss this world so very much. Thank you for all the beautiful memories. You made a world and shared it with us and it was glorious.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 5:33pm

Oh I'm going to miss this world so much. I loved the whole "You Know Who" knock-knock joke. So silly, so fun.

The joy of him being released from the curse, the use of his name, the beauty of the mythology being woven back in, I love it all so much. Sniff. I don't want to say goodbye.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd June 2015 5:13pm

I didn't see it coming but then I make a point of trying not to guess ahead too much. Loved it so much, it tied up everything so beautifully. Lovely chapter.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 8:57pm

Sniff, you've got me all bittersweet sad-joyful now that I'm coming to the end of this. I have enjoyed reading these chapters so much. I'm so pleased everyone is getting a happy ending - it makes a very bright read. Thanks again.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 8:30pm

I'm perfectly happy with so many living. You killed the twins, which is quite sad enough for me! Lovely chapter. Thank you again and again for sharing this world with us.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 8:08pm

I love the operation 'brain-fuck voldemort' title. That was so very much fun! I loved all the nuttiness and the insults.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 7:29pm

OMG OMG OMG I (DIDN'T) KNOW IT! That was so perfectly set up that I may have to go re-read all the last 15 chapters. I've always wondered why the hell Lucius would sing to Luna, I mean it's so unlike him, and now it makes such perfect sense. LOVE THIS TWIST! Also adored the line you twisted around about fair in love and war.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 7:18pm

All I can think is "He's not really dead" and I have no idea why, except it would be too cruel an end. Loved it, loved it, loved it.