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readyornot posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 1:20am

Please no! it's so terrible. I want them all to survive and enjoy the peace they've worked for. It's lovely that Harry dies smiling but evryone else's deathn is a tragedy. Anyway, I enjoyed this little ficlet but don't want it all to end like this!!!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yes, it was tragic that they died, but now it's over... or is it?

Waywren Truesong posted a comment on Wednesday 9th September 2009 12:56am

*giggles* Well, I quite like it as it is--taking your own death back is quite important! But our Harry is a tricksy fellow, and so are his precious people. We'll just have to see, won't we?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Tricksy, oh yes, and possibly tricked as well... mwahaha...

callie posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 11:50pm

oh i dont know i think i kinda like it the way it is

very sad but kinda sweet at the same time cause harry gets to be with the pack again...

i repeat my response from last time: you are a very good writer, most certainly the best fanfic writer i've found and equal to better than some published authors i read the books of... can you tell im a fan?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Aww, thanks! I'll do my best to keep you interested!

carolebear posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 11:45pm

So strange - I'm sad because they are all dead, but they are TOGETHER. That makes me very happy. Voldemort made a very big mistake, and now it's cost him everything. The ending is bittersweet. It worked out better than I thought it could, so kudos to you for that. Now the question that remains for me is wondering how Voldemort caught all of them at once.

I think I would like to see the twist, if only because I would wonder what it could be. Was this all some horrible nightmare of Harry's, or a vision sent through his connection with Voldemort? Only Anne knows for sure.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

*giggles a whole lot* Oh, the twist is screwy...

callie posted a comment on Monday 7th September 2009 8:55pm

have i ever told you that you are a very very very good writer? cause you are

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Three verys--wow! Thank you!

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Monday 7th September 2009 6:08pm

This seems a far cry from your usual. Its well written, although I must own that I dislike reading of the pain you put them through. I hope that there is an end that justifies it all

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Two ends--in the story, Voldemort gets defeated, and outside the story, I get to bleed off my frustration so that it doesn't make my main stories horrible and dark.

elizablaine posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2009 12:09pm

Whaaaaa....???? *EYES WIDE* okay torture to the extreme!! Please tell me there's gonna be a happy ending of sorts! All of them on another plane of existance or something? Cause I'm not liking the direction this is going in one bit!!

Having said that it is beautifully written and incredibly vivid I almost feel like I'm standing in the corner watching events as they take place. So well done!!

Offers ice mice only (chocolate is reserved for happy things...LOL)!!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I tried to tell you... and if I make this come out happy, can I get chocolate then?

ClarenceRose posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 7:07pm

Are they all going to die then?
That's the only way i can see this ending, uh... well?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yeah, pretty much

paintduckky posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 2:09pm

): I cried in public, because I was reading this on my phone. I really really hope things get better, though I know not everyone always gets a happy ending.
I'm curious and nervous for the next chapter, though I hope it's not too too sad.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Um... oops.

MLM97 posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 9:33am

You can be really nasty when you put your mind to it, you know. Or have you just been reading too many of Shakespeare's tragedies? (Some of Draco's dialogue put me in mind of that.)

There is, of course, the question of whether this is all happening, or whether Voldemort just wants Harry to think it's happening . . .

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Oh, Voldemort would certainly want Harry to think it's happening, but Voldemort isn't playing any tricks here. And yes, Draco paraphrased a bit of his dialogue from Romeo and Juliet. Ironically, Juliet's lines.

LynnTerald posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 8:39am


Anne B. Walsh replied:


princess ducky posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 7:44am

Wow, am loving this story, can't wait to see what happens.

So far I know Hermione and Draco have gone- I think. And possibly Neville and Ginny? I'm not too sure, I will have to keep reading to find out.

Keep Writing

Princess Ducky

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Yep, you got it.

Dracolych69 posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 3:16am


Anne B. Walsh replied:


tangentsferret posted a comment on Friday 4th September 2009 12:15am

I have noticed that whatever the creation is, if it gets off the ground at all, it always turns out a few chapters, or inches, or verses,or colors, or stitches, longer/more complicated than one thought it would initially.

You're just tired of having things turn out ok, huh? Not enough suffering (good grief, that's not enough?) in canon DV or Be Careful, that's what it is.

I suppose I'm glad you've found yourself an outlet.(shudder)

Hope your weekend goes well!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Actually, I'm blowing off steam about my frustrating job. Thanks for the good wishes!

carolebear posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 11:34pm

How sad for Hermoine and Draco. How will the pack and pride recover from this? Actually, I/m not sure I want to see that part. As Harry said, though, at least they died quickly. (But how is Harry able to function, knowing that he had a large part in Hermoine's death?) I wonder if Luna had the same idea that Ginny had? (Although by the sounds, I'm not sure it worked, since Luna isn't an alpha like Ginny is.) What are the red berries? And who was controlling Ron and Neville?

Now I'm afraid of what will happen to the pack parents, since you don't seem to have any scruples about killing people in this story. Or, and my heart goes pitty pat with this idea, maybe this is all part of a nightmare for Harry? *pleads with Anne* (for all the good that will do...)

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Harry's trying to focus on other things to keep from breaking down, since he's pretty sure he's being watched himself. Luna had a different idea altogether. The red berries will be addressed later, and Ron and Neville are/were controlled by random Death Eaters. Yes, the Pack-parents aren't going to do too well here... no comment on your last bit.

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 6:13pm

This is a sad story. I hope you can find something good at the end. YOu are doing a really good job. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more of your other stories too. pms

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I'll see what I can do about good at the end. (That's what she said...)

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 6:11pm

Ooookay. I am SO re-writing this so it happens the way I said it would, just because I believe in happy endings. This belongs in BYOT, you know that, don't you. This is truly incredible work as an angsty fic, and I congratulate you. But I'm still re-writing it for the happy ending everyone deserves. I hope you don't mind.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Oh, not at all... you might want to wait until it's actually over, though.

Chindabe posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 10:05am

UPDATE SOON... please. ;D

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I'm trying!

Chindabe posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 10:05am

This is amazing. As always. ;D

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Aww thanks!

Dracolych69 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd September 2009 3:16am

Wow. Just... Wow. It's like slowly waking up, and then someone kicking you in the groin. Just, wow. Should be interesting to see what happens next with this.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

I like your similes. They amuse.