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paintduckky posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 11:00pm

I've been keeping up with this story since the beginning, and now that it's over I feel a little sad (though the thought of a sequel makes it better). As always, you stun me with your writings.
This was wonderful(:

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Well, Ennervate then! :-)

Ryan Illuser posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 5:29pm

Wow two years? Sounds like something i would go. I would also jump up and down laughing and crying before running around the house but that would only comfirm my familys fears that I'm stark raving mad.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Well, that's how long it's been going on. And I think everyone who reads HP fanfic is a little crazy.

ilovewhydouneedtoknow posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 5:05pm

awww i love it and ill make u happy i guess since u did give us a happy ending ive really enjoyed it but now i can focus on dv

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Me too!

ClarenceRose posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 2:00pm

Loved it!
Draco with a theatre career is awesome
Facing Danger now?
And a sequel???!!!
: )

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Sequel if possible!

TheNekoWithWings posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 1:58pm

Whoop! Awesome ending! Again, I've been following this story pretty much since the beginning, and even through the parts that made me shy away, I always came back to it. This is a wonderful story, masterfully written. You could easily change names and locations, and turn it into a piece of original fiction. I, for one, know for a fact that I'd gladly buy it and re-read it several times over! Perhaps even buy copies for my friends and family, too!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

My only quibble with originalizing this is that half the fun of it is watching how a story we already know changes when one character alters. I could do it with something like a fairy tale, I suppose... gah, the plotbunnies, they're coming! *runs*

Janeth Jones posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 1:06pm

I never review. I just typically don't having anything to say really other that I enjoyed it as always. But I feel like maybe you should know that there is one more person out there that has read almost everything (I think) you have posted on fanficauthors and enjoys your writing very much. Thank you for doing what you do and I look forward to reading more of FD when it comes out.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Well, you can't say you never review anymore, can you? :-) MOre FD as soon as I can!

tangentsferret posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 12:30pm

That was proper fourteen-twenty, that was. An infinitely satisfying wrap-up to a thoroughly solid story. Well done, and thank you.

Now I'm off to read it again. Looking forward to FD, whenever it happens!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

That is perhaps the loveliest compliment I have ever received. (I was SO angry the Scouring of the Shire got left out of the movies... but he couldn't do everything.) FD soon, I hope!

LynnTerald posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 11:51am

That was spectacular, unexpected, and perfect. I love how you brought everything together and, yes, I can kinda understand how Draco defeated the dementors now. I can't wait for the sequel.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Wow, thanks. Glad I could explain it. Sequel may not be for a while yet but I'll try!

callie posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 9:20am

OMG!!!!! it's finished this is the best AUAU ever!!!!!

as always i absolutely love your writing and eagerly await the next chapter you throw at us no matter what story it comes from!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Here's hoping it's something everyone will enjoy.

dmhgbz posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 2:50am

Absolute love. <3

Wonderful fic, wonderful song for Draco and Luna, wonderful endings in both words. Schmexy Snape all happy'n'married'n'daddy-like. :D :D :D

Anne B. Walsh replied:

*smiles* It was great to write and I'm glad it was equally great to read.

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 1:20am

Oh Anne, how awful! LOL
It was so beautiful that it made me cry. But ..... I'm at work and crying does raise questions. :D And it doesn't help with the looks. Red rimmed eyes clash with the shirt. LOL

I just loved everything about this and never thought I would love it as much as your other stories when you started it.
I mean, a 'bad' Draco story featuring the ever gloomy Snape....only you could turn that into something brilliant with a happy ending. And let's not even start on your use of humour that never fails to make me smile.


Loved the wedding and that song is one of my favourites that even played om my mp3 on my way to work. Talk about coincidence! :D

I know that working om FD will take some time so until then, farewell and happy days to you.


Ps:It'll be really weird to wake up tomorrow without my daily dose of your brilliant fic.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Hey, I read the first chapter of DH and the beginnings of this story was my immediate thought, like "Gee, Draco's really in a bad way... what would happen if..." Glad I can cause smiles!

Waywren Truesong posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 12:54am

*purrs all over this story* Thank YOU for letting us share the road with you, love.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

You're very welcome. *purrs along* Do you have any idea why your reviews keep posting eight times?

Anansii posted a comment on Friday 29th January 2010 12:43am

Found a copy of "Bless the Broken Road" on youtube. Perfect choice!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Many thanks!

CootiePatootie posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 10:42pm

One of my favorite Selah songs (of course it's been redone by Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts too...)

What a journey...what a GREAT story. Thank you thank you thank you thank you...


Anne B. Walsh replied:

You're welcome x 4 :-)

Anansii posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 10:27pm

You have interesting ideas to write about. You write them well. You finish what you start. Can't think of higher praise than that actually. Thank you.

This was great, and I'm looking forward to the rest of FD. Of course it's been so long that I now have to go back and reread LD1, LD2, DD, and LD to date. (I can hear you now "Gee, what a problem..." Snicker.) And go look up Broken Road - I've never heard it.

Oh, and I positively ADORE Draco's will. Hope he brought plenty of popcorn to the viewing on his side of things.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

There was lots of popcorn. Some of it got used for throwing at one another. :-)

Aki posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 9:17pm

Then let's just make the writer happy. I love happy ending. Would enjoy a sequel but I rather hope that FD would be completed soon. Thing is, it took so long that I find myself forgetting what happened earlier and who got killed and how and who is this character? Has he appeared before? Guess I have to read it through again. THe first story in the series is the one I remember the best because I read it about 4 times and the characters are familiar. But for the rest, not so.

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Oh, I know. I hate that about my update schedule. Here's hoping I can get a bit of the mojo from the ending of this to transfer over!

Lillias posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 9:02pm

This tale began January 10, 2009. I wasn't very interested at first, to tell you the truth, as I don't normally like to read Draco-driven fanfiction, but you drew me in, got me interested, and I started to watch this story carefully. At times, I almost despaired of you finishing this one (as I'm not a very patient person!). It may have taken one year and eighteen days to finish....but it ended beautifully :) Well done! Cheers ^.^

Anne B. Walsh replied:

It really started back in March of '08, but I started posting it here in January of '09. And if you're impatient on this one, FD must cause despair!

carolebear posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 8:50pm

Awww. That was a wonderfully satisfying ending to a mammoth work. One box/bag of chocolate will be on its way whenever you tell me where to send it (I can be reached at gumibear526 at gmail). Don't wait too long, as the weather is cool and it will travel well. I'm serious (not Sirius). Sorry, I couldn't resist.

The will reading was great fun, especialy Draco's pauses and very bad puns and jokes. At least that was one duty for the new minister that wasn't depressing or overly onerous.

Thanks especially for dissecting the prophecy for us. Looks like we (others and myself) did a pretty fair job of interpreting it ourselves, at the very end. Of course, I will admit that some of it was in hindsight, but hey, it's better than I have ever done before. Your hints were quite helpful as well.

Thanks again for a great ride, and I can't wait until we are back on the tracks for FD. What a ride that will be, hmmm?

Anne B. Walsh replied:

Chocolate later. Review reply now. Thank you, so much, for all the lovely compliments. Yes, FD should be rather crazy...

MLM97 posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 8:34pm

And it is finished. And it was good--probably the best HP fanfic I've read, arguably better in some ways than canon.

Now to go back through the whole thing for the comprehensive review . . .

Anne B. Walsh replied:

You are really going to swell my head up. Thank you, very much.

ClarenceRose posted a comment on Thursday 28th January 2010 2:44pm

Do we get to see Draco's wedding????
Facing Danger!

Anne B. Walsh replied:

His reception, at any rate.